How To Build a Pellet Smoker at Home in Easy Way

Building a DIY pellet smoker is one of the time taking and complex jobs on earth only if you do not know the ABC of BBQ. However, once you learn the art of how to build a pellet smoker at home, you’d love the idea of smoking on your device. 

That said, if you do not follow the instructions properly, you may end up wasting your time, effort, and food. 

You can find plenty of different methods, techniques, and DIY ideas online that become relatively complex as you start executing things mentioned therein. However, being a top-notch BBQ website, we have the responsibility of mentioning only the methods that are easy to follow and involve the fewest steps.

How To Build a Pellet Smoker at Home in Easy Way

We would love to discuss a relatively quicker and more reliable method that undoubtedly works if you execute everything as mentioned.

Converting an Existing Grill into a Smoker

Converting an existing outdoor grill into a pellet smoker is the easiest way that involves zero complexities. You need a conversion kit, some related tools, and an existing grill to get started. However, if you do not follow the instructions properly, it could be a total waste of time and effort.

The only thing that you need in this process is a pellet smoker conversion kit if you already have an outdoor grill.  

Why Do We Have to Buy a Conversion Kit if This Is One of the Ultimate DIY Projects? 

Many newbies asked this question as they want to build everything on their own. Well, the answer is quite obvious. 

If you do not want to use a kit, you will certainly have to babysit the smoker to refill the pellets regularly. Due to the lack of pellets, not only is the temperature of the grill ruined but the taste of the smoked food is also diminished.

On the contrary, if you utilize one, this kit will automatically feed pellets without requiring you to do the job. Hence, there won’t be any inconsistency in terms of taste, and the user’s comfort is assured as well.

Additionally, using a conversion kit does not affect the capability of the grill in any way. In other words, your grill still performs the function of a grill in addition to becoming a smoker. Indeed, it becomes a pellet grill smoker combo.

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Let’s find out how you can do it!

Installation of a Pellet Smoker Conversion Kit

The entire process revolves around the attachment of the kit to the grill. Currently, there are plenty of brands offering these kits that vary in terms of size and price. However, you will need to take care of the following things regardless of the brand of your kit.

Initially, you have to cut a hole on one side of the grill chamber. The size of the hole solely depends on the size of the kit you purchased for the process.

 In general, many kits require users to cut a 4×5 inch hole for an accurate attachment of the kit.

We also find it pertinent to mention the significance of instructions in this process. You must follow the instructions provided in the kit. These guidelines will help you with everything from the dimensions of the hole to the tools you are going to need in this regard.

Extra Space

Once you have successfully attached the kit to the grill, your grill will grow in size by a few inches. People who don’t have extra space in their backyard or balcony, where they usually grill, should pay attention to this thing.  

On the contrary, people who have plenty of outdoor space available in their house would not be affected by this trivial increase in size.

Okay, we are done with the attachment, what’s next?

Start Adding Pellets

Pellet addition is the first thing you have to do after installing the kit. For this purpose, you have to add pellets in the hopper that further releases them into the auger. 

If you do not know, a hopper is a box-like structure on the side of grills. It’s kind of a storage box that automatically feeds pellets into the system when needed with the help of an auger. In this way, it plays a crucial role in maintaining the inside temperature of your grill smoker according to the limit set by users.

However, the hopper is not the only thing that helps in maintaining the temperature as per the requirements of users. A PID controller is more important than a hopper when it comes to the management of temperature within a smoker grill.

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Role of a PID Controller

The most important component of any conversion kit is undoubtedly a PID controller. It adjusts the temperature of the grill by continuously monitoring the temperature difference and affecting the rate of pellet consumption.

In simple words, a PID controller increases the inside temperature by releasing more pellets into the system with the help of the auger, whenever its sensors detect a drop in the temperature. 

On the other hand, it stops the release of pellets into the firebox whenever its sensors detect a temperature rise beyond a set limit. 

All in all, a PID controller maintains the internal temperature of the smoker within the limits set by users. Therefore, you can cook low and slow on your pellet smoker, as well as searing on high temperatures whenever you wish.

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Benefits of Building a DIY Pellet Smoker  

There are many benefits of building a smoker yourself only if you know how to build a pellet smoker perfectly. It is better to buy a new pellet smoker if you fail to follow the correct technique.

With that said, the following are some benefits of this DIY project if you follow the method discussed above:

  • Buying and installing a conversion kit is less expensive than buying a new smoker from the market. It only costs a fraction of the total price of a new pellet smoker.
  • The addition of a conversion kit does not affect the performance of the grill in any way. You can use your grill the way it worked in the past.
  • Maintenance and regular cleaning of the device will take the same amount of time and effort as cleaning any other device.
  • Lastly, smoking on one’s self-made device is certainly a satisfying experience. Smoked meat gives you a sense of accomplishment, as well as a taste and flavor you’ve never tasted before.


This comprehensive guide discusses the most viable method that describes how to build a pellet smoker on your own. Compared to other methods available online, this one involving the kit attachment is pretty straightforward and least complicated.

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