How To Use a Pellet Smoker?

A pellet smoker is a type of smoker that uses compressed wood pellets to create smoke. Pellet smokers are quickly gaining popularity as they offer the best possible flavor in food. The pellets burn at a controlled temperature, which makes it easier for the user to maintain the desired temperature without going over and under. However, knowing how to use a pellet smoker is a must if you want to obtain the desired results

Pellets are also cleaner than other types of fuel, making them safer and more environmentally friendly as well. 

In this blog post, we will discuss how to use a pellet smoker to smoke meat!

Let’s first find out how pellet smokers work, so you can get an idea of what to do with them to get the best results.

How Does a Pellet Smoker Work?

Pellet smokers start by plugging them in, then they will preheat and be ready to use. Wood pellets go into a large hopper at the bottom of the grill that is connected to what’s called “the firebox”. Once lit, smoke rises up through a chimney where it gets caught using vents so as not to smother your food! 

When you open the lid of your grill, there should be some wood chips going down inside which provide additional flavor for smoked meat. As far as temperature management is concerned, users can control the temperature with an attached thermostat or from their preferred cooking app on their phone on most devices. 

Pellet smokers are also very versatile in how you can use them. You can smoke many types of meat like brisket, ribs, and even fish

The most important thing is how much time they need per pound at which temperature – for instance with beef brisket we recommend 150 to 175 degrees. When done, cover tightly to prevent the juices from leaking out and contaminating nearby food!

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Pellet Grills and Smokers Require Electricity 

Pellet grills and smokers need electricity to work. This means that you will have a cord coming out of the back to get the right amount of power. The smoker plugs directly into an outlet on your wall or ceiling! 

You’ll also find some models that plugin through a standard 110-volt electrical socket. Check how far away from the grill or smoker needs to be plugged in before purchasing anything if this is something important to you!

How Do I Use a Pellet Smoker?

How To Use a Pellet Smoker?

A typical process for using a pellet smoker would be as follows:

Step 1

Fill up the hopper with pellets and put it in place on top of the grill.

Step 2

Start the pellet smoker by keeping the lid open. Wait for a minute or two until you hear the fan, and then you should hear a grumbling sound of pellets being fed into the firebox. The igniter rod will get red-hot, and then it will start burning the pellets. As a result, you will see smoke being produced from the burning of pellets

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Step 3

Close the door and turn the knob in accordance with your desired temperature range. It might take 2-10 minutes depending on how hot you want to go. Let it get up to 225 degrees and wait for a few minutes so that any old bacteria is gone.

Step 4

Place your desired food on the grill and close it up, making sure to use a good quality meat thermometer, so you know how long the cooking process has left before it is done!

Other Tips on Using Pellet Smoker Grills Flawlessly

Seasoning Can Do Wonder

Make sure that your smoker is well-seasoned before you use it! This means applying a thin coat of vegetable oil or cooking spray. This will help prevent food from sticking in while cooking and also provide a non-toxic, organic heat barrier between the metal of your smoker grates! 

Regular Cleaning

Wood pellets do not produce dirty smoke when you cook. This is because the wood burns clean. But if you let waste build up in your smoker, then it will be dirty again. So, after you have cooked, take some time to sweep ashes from the grill and remove unused pellets from the hopper.

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Use Appropriate Wood Pellets for Desired Flavor

Wood pellets are the fuel that you’ll be using in your grill. You can buy them from different suppliers with varying flavors – all of which will affect how your meat tastes! For example, applewood gives it a sweet and fruity flavor while cherry emits an intense smoky taste. 

I prefer mesquite because of how well it pairs with beef or pork, but there’s also oak for ham and maple if smoking poultry (turkey). Experiment until you find what works best for you!

Furthermore, you can read this guide on the best wood for smoking turkey as well.

In addition to smoke flavoring, pellets provide oxygen during cooking which is important when low and slow cooking. This way, heat penetrates evenly throughout the food, making sure nothing overcooks on one side before

Importance of add-On Sear Boxes

Pellet smokers are not as hot as gas or charcoal grills. If you want a grill that can provide relentless versatility in terms of cooking temperatures, buy one with a sear box. The sear box is like a mini-grill that can produce higher heat than the smoker.

Meat Preparation

The most important thing is what type of cut you are cooking. For instance, if using beef brisket, which has no bones in it as ribs do – make sure there isn’t any fat on top before putting it on. 

Otherwise, it will cause flare-ups that could char other parts while the meat is cooking. If you have a bone-in cut like ribs, make sure it’s well-trimmed off any excess fat, and then rub it with your favorite seasoning before putting it on the grill.

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Things to Consider While Cooking

Generally, the grill will automatically adjust the temperature up or down based on how much food is in it and how often you open the lid. You’ll want to make sure that your meat thermometer goes into the thickest part of what’s cooking – so towards the end, if not at all! 

For example, for ribs, I like mine done when they’re about 160 degrees F (cut off any parts with bones before cooking). It also helps to put a cup of water in there too which provides steam during cooking and results in moister rib meat.

Significance of Using a High-End Thermometer

It is recommended that you use an instant-read thermometer to monitor the temperature of the meat. This will help prevent overcooking or undercooking your food! 


In conclusion, I hope this has been helpful information on how to use a pellet smoker. We discussed what a pellet smoker is and how they work as well as how to prepare different meats before smoking them. There are lots of ways that you can smoke food using these smokers – we just recommend following the recommended temperatures for meat when cooking with one so that it comes out perfect every time.

Happy Grilling!

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