9 Best Built-In Gas Grills On The Market

Top Pick
Blaze LTE – Built-in Gas Grill

  • Multiple heat zones
  • Ergonomic grill hood
  • Removable rack
Runner Up
Lion Premium Grills 90823

  • High Build Quality
  • Infrared Rotisserie Burner
  • Lifetime Warranty(Burners)
Budget Pick
Coyote C-Series

  • Suitable for small families
  • Reliable Heat Distribution
  • Easy to use
Best Built-In Gas Grills 2024

Built-in grills are gaining popularity because they offer an extensive range of cooking options and reliable efficiency. In addition, these best built-in gas grills also facilitate users in terms of customization and a perfect outdoor cooking environment.

However, the process of buying these devices is not as straightforward as it may seem. You have to analyze each and everything to make a wise decision. Some choices appear identical, but they are completely different when you perform an in-depth analysis of micro factors associated with performance. 

To facilitate BBQ enthusiasts in this regard, we have come up with a list of the best built-in grills that are available on the market. We have analyzed lots of choices before selecting a final list of products. 

Our evaluation criteria revolved around overall efficiency, heating capacity, ease of maintenance, assembly procedure, price tags, convenience, number of add-ons, and many other things.

Best Built-In Gas Grills in 2024

Without further ado, let’s get started with reviews!

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Let’s have a look at the comparison table first.

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Blaze LTE 40-Inch 5-Burner Built-in Gas Grill
915 sq inches primary cooking space, Multiple heat zones, Ergonomic grill hood Check Price
Lion Premium Grills 90823
Cooking space of 1030 sq inches, Excellent customer care services, 90 000 BTU Heating capacity Check Price
Summerset Sizzler Pro Series Built-in Gas Grill
Briquette mechanism facilitates easy cleaning, 443 stainless steel build, Reliable built-in temperature gauge Check Price
Bull Outdoor Products 26039 Drop-In Grill Head
Primary cooking space of 810 square inches, Reduced weight of 125 lbs, 4 porcelain burners Check Price
Blaze Grills Built-In 4-Burner Outdoor Grill
Cooking space of 740 sq inches, A cumulative heating capacity of 66 000 BTU, 4+1 burners Check Price
Napoleon Built-in Prestige PRO 500 RB Gas Grill
Innovative design, Wavy cooking grids prevents food from falling, Uniform heat distribution Check Price
Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Gas Grill
Excellent combination of steel and aluminum throughout the body, Deep cooking chamber for enhanced efficiency, Multiple burners to meet your diverse BBQ needs Check Price
AOG American Outdoor Built-in Natural Gas Grill
Excellent combination of style and performance, Total cooking space of 829 sq inches, Commercial-grade build Check Price
Coyote C-Series Built in Grill
Suitable for small families, Halogen lights, Allows for customization in terms of grates replacement Check Price

1. Blaze LTE 40-Inch 5-Burner Built-in Gas Grill – Top Pick

Blaze LTE 40-Inch 5-Burner Built-in Gas Grill - Best built-in grills 2024

The first on our list is the top-notch built-in grill from Blaze that outshines every other on the list in terms of reliability and futuristic build. The 5-burner grill features high-quality steel throughout the body to sustain extensive usage. With its 915 square inches of cooking space and collective heating power of 80,000 BTU, it is undoubtedly the best built-in gas grill for high-end use.

The presence of heat zone separators makes it a highly viable option for people looking to cook multiple things in a single go at different temperature settings. The removable rack coupled with an extra-large drip tray on this grill facilitates users in easy cleaning and operation. Additionally, high-end, triangular rods produce distinguishing sear marks that give your cooked meat a more attractive appearance.


The problem with most ordinary, cheap grills is that they cannot fight corrosion and resistance over the years. As a result, it becomes compulsory for users to replace them after every 6 months or a year. However, that is not the case with this giant from Blaze.

Everything from burners to cooking rods features heavy gauge stainless steel, which effectively increases the grill’s durability and working capacity. So, there will be no annual internal rebuild and frequent wear and tear. With that said, we cannot say there will be no issues at all. 

However, its build quality enables it to stay longer and perform consistently better than many others on the market.

Perfect for High-End Grilling

The overall design and high-quality, stainless steel build of the grill make it stand out from the crowd in terms of operational efficiency. Can you imagine the convenience of having 5 304-cast stainless steel burners that generate multiple heating zones on one device? It is magnificent, and simply dependable when it comes to offering an extensive grilling experience.

With its extensive 915 sq inches of cooking space, it’ll be able to cater to the needs of everyone at a BBQ gathering on the weekend. It suits everyone, from professionals working at 5-star restaurants to someone like me who cannot let go of his BBQ enthusiasm. The additional rotisserie burner will provide another 10,000 BTU on top of the 70,000 provided by the primary burner.

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  • 915 sq inches primary cooking space
  • Multiple heat zones
  • Ergonomic grill hood
  • 5 (main) +1 (side) burners
  • Removable rack
  • 9 mm triangular cooking rods for excellent sear marks
  • Instructions are pretty complex for newbies. Users have to consult other sources for timeless assembly.

In our opinion, this 40-inch Blaze LTE grill makes the best choice for people looking for a high-end built-in grill with maximum efficiency. Featuring 915 square inches of cooking space and overall heating power of 80 000 BTU, it is without comparison the best built-in gas grill for use in homes and high-end restaurants. Finally, the triangular rods and additional features including heat zone separators, a removable rack, a large drip tray, and extra-large handles further enhance its overall score.

2. Lion Premium Grills 90823 – Runner Up

Lion Premium Grills 90823 - Best Built-In Gas Grills for 2024

The next item on our list is another 40-inch built-in grill, but this time with a higher heating capacity of nearly 90,000 BTU and increased cooking space. The added heating capacity, however, comes at a price of added weight and reduced mobility. With that said, this premium built-in grill from Lion features a sturdy build coupled with top-notch efficiency. 

As far as construction is concerned, you will see a commercial-quality, stainless build throughout the body that adds to the sturdiness and reliability. Lastly, the overall cooking space of 1030 sq inches coupled with five high-end burners means you have plenty of cooking options in a single go.

Commercial-Quality Build

90823 is a premium grill from Lion that withstands the test of time. To begin with, the outer lid is made of 2 layers of heavy gauge steel that helps in maintaining a perfect inside temperature. 

Regardless of the use and extensive BBQ requirement, you won’t see any problem on the lid side as long as you use it with care.

Temperature Range

You can quickly raise the temperature on this machine within minutes. You can raise the temperature to 600 degrees and above if you are looking to cook instant homemade pizza. Moreover, a speedy temperature rise is also helpful in getting rid of sticky grease that seems nearly impossible to clean. 

However, if you are increasing the temperature to clean, we recommend covering the gap between the lid and body with aluminum foil. That said, the overall design and heat capacity of the grill also make it a preferred choice for cooking low and slow. 

Additionally, high-quality cast burners help users with the even distribution of heat throughout the body.

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  • Cooking space of 1030 sq inches
  • Excellent customer care services
  • 90,000 BTU Heating capacity 
  • Convenient interior lights that work well in low light
  • Infrared rotisserie rear burner
  • Dependable temperature range
  • The cover’s color fades away within a year. You might have to buy one if you are highly conscious about how your things look when packed.

In our opinion, Lion’s built-in grill is an excellent choice for those looking for a greater cooking space without the worry of additional weight. With its sturdy design and top-notch efficiency, this built-in grill from Lion delivers the ultimate cooking experience. 

Due to its versatility and temperature settings, the grill can be used both for searing and smoking

3. Summerset Sizzler Pro Series Built-in Gas Grill (SIZPRO40-LP)

Summerset Sizzler Pro Series Built-in Gas Grill (SIZPRO40-LP) - built in grill reviews 2024

Summerset’s Sizzler Pro series grills set the bar when it comes to grilling solutions for professionals. More specifically, this model is famous for its reliable operational efficiency and dependable functionality. Like the previous two grills, you will find five main burners coupled with a rare one. In contrast, the cumulative heat output of the main burners is a little lower at 60,000 BTU.   

However, the primary cooking area of 985 square inches is adequate to satisfy the grilling needs of a professional chef. There are plenty of unique features such as a highly accurate built-in temperature gauge, convenient Briquette mechanism, LED front panel lights, and many other related things.

Perfect for Professionals

Not every device on the market is suitable for the highly extensive use of BBQ restaurants. Many of them fall prey to corrosion and rust over time and waste the money and effort of buyers.

However, that is not the case with this one from Summerset. The use of 443 stainless steel construction and impressive overall design makes it a highly suitable grilling device for professional chefs. It can conveniently sustain continuous usage, and stainless steel protects it from corrosion and other related things.

Ease of Cleaning

One of the most important aspects of any best built-in gas grill for restaurants and professionals is the ease of cleaning. Yes, you heard it right! When it comes to cleaning, grills used in restaurants are messier than the ones we usually have indoors. As a result, they require a proper mechanism of cleaning in this regard.

To that end, Summerset has utilized a highly effective Briquette mechanism that facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance of the machine. This system saves a lot of time and effort on the part of users. Therefore, anyone can clean the device within an hour if they follow the instructions properly.

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  • Briquette mechanism facilitates easy cleaning
  • 443 stainless steel build
  • Reliable built-in temperature gauge
  • Highly dependable flamethrower ignition system
  • 15 000 BTU side burner
  • Innovative hood design
  • Customer care support needs improvement.

In our opinion, you may consider buying this grill from Summerset if you are looking for a built-in grill for professional use. In terms of primary cooking space, the 985 square inches offered are sufficient for a professional chef’s grilling requirements. Lastly, Summerset has employed a highly efficient Briquette mechanism that facilitates easy maintenance and cleaning.

4. Bull Outdoor Products 26039 Drop-In Grill Head

Bull Outdoor Products 26039 Drop-In Grill Head - Best built-in natural gas grills 2024

When it comes to grills providing the most bang for your buck, Bull Outdoor Product’s grills are among the best ones. This 26039 model from the company provides nearly all the features of the best built-in gas grill at a very competitive price tag.

The total cooking area on this grill is 810 sq inches with an additional space of 210 sq inches on the warming rack. Weight is another admirable aspect of this device. With only 125 lbs, the grill allows convenient handling and easy mobility compared to other grills on the list. Finally, there are four highly reliable porcelain burners that allow you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously.

Fast Heat-Up

When it comes to reaching the maximum temperature range within no time, this appliance from Bull Door Products sets standards. It reaches above 500 degrees within a couple of minutes if the lid is closed properly. 

Unlike many other inexpensive built-in gas grills, the temperature does not drop to zero upon opening the lid. Instead, the overall design and build of the grill ensure a consistent supply of heat throughout the grilling journey.

Excellent Little Champ

It offers reliable performance and a large cooking area for its weight and size. With a weight of 125 pounds, the 810 square inches of the total cooking area is more than enough. Regardless of its limited side, it can easily handle all kinds of grilling without being troublesome.

Everything from chicken to turkeys and briskets to ribs cooks perfectly fine on this machine. You can also try veggies and fruits if you want to try something new.

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  • Primary cooking space of 810 square inches
  • Reduced weight of 125 lbs
  • 4 porcelain burners
  • Compact size
  • Zinc Knobs
  • High value for money
  • Improvement is needed on the packaging side.

In our opinion, this grill from Bull Outdoor Products makes the perfect choice for people looking for bang for the buck. On this grill, the total cooking area is 810 square inches, with 210 square inches of space on the warming rack. All in all, it is one of the best built-in grills on the market with maximum efficiency and a low price tag.

5. Blaze Grills Built-In 4-Burner Outdoor Grill 

Blaze Grills Built-In 4-Burner Outdoor Grill - 4-burner built-in gas grill

This is the second one from Blaze on our list of the best built-in gas grills. Everything from its lightweight design to flame-stabilizing grids sets it apart from the rest of its competitors. Weighing only 114 pounds, the machine provides a total cooking space of 740 sq inches in addition to a cumulative heating capacity of 66,000 BTU.

Just like the Blaze LTE, you will find triangular cooking rods of 9 mm for a dependable searing experience. In addition, you will admire the flame-fighting mechanism that prevents flare-ups and helps you obtain consistent cooking results.

Enhanced Visibility

The availability of high-quality interior lights enhances the versatility of the grill. By utilizing this technology, users are able to continue grilling even in low-light areas and at night. In low-light conditions, improved visibility allows for efficient monitoring of the food being cooked.

Additionally, the heavy-duty construction allows users to get the most out of heating zone separators. In this way, they can cook multiple things without any worries about temperature management at low-light levels. 

Reliable Ignition Mechanism

This model from Blaze Grill also features a highly efficient flamethrower ignition system that facilitates users in the easy operation of the device. For people who do not like this flamethrower ignition setup, the company has provided another fast tube ignition as an alternate choice, so, you are going to have a couple of ignition options on this built-in grill.

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  • Cooking space of 740 sq inches
  • A cumulative heating capacity of 66 000 BTU
  • 4+1 burners
  • Flame stabilizing grids 
  • Weighs only 114 lbs
  • Extensive warranty coverage
  • Not suitable for beginners

In our opinion, this one from Blaze makes a suitable choice for those looking for an extremely lightweight option.  Its total cooking area is 740 sq inches and it has a cumulative heating capacity of 66 000 BTU. Although there are differences in the heating capacity and number of burners on this machine, the main features are the same as on the one discussed at the beginning.

6. Napoleon Built-in Prestige PRO 500 RB Gas Grill 

Napoleon Built-in Prestige PRO 500 RB Gas Grill - best built-in gas grills in 2024

The next on our list is the top-notch built-in gas grill from the Napoleon Prestige Pro series. The total cooking space on this beast is 760 sq inches in addition to the space provided by an adjustable warming rack. The cumulative heating capacity of all the burners on this grill is 66,000 BTU, which means it has a lot to offer in terms of searing.

There are plenty of innovative features in this grill that set it apart from the rest of the others. Unlike many others on the market, this model lets you customize the hue and brightness of the RGB lights. In addition, there is a highly efficient “center-gravity” feature that facilitates easy lifting of the lid.  

Jetfire Ignition System

Have you grown tired of the traditional ignition mechanism found on many grills? If YES, Napoleon has an offer for you. With its highly innovative Jetfire ignition system, the company aims to revolutionize the ease of startup and provide maximum convenience to its users.

The biggest advantage of the Jetfire ignition mechanism is its reliability and durability. Throughout the life of the grill, this ignition system remains functional due to its innovative design and impressive build. 

Innovative Cooking Grids

Poor cooking grid design is the most common problem every one of us faced at the start of our journey as BBQ enthusiasts. We had a lot of trouble preventing food items such as veggies and fruits from falling. Inconsistent temperature distribution throughout the grill was another problem we encountered.

However, that is not the case with this giant from Napoleon. Its highly innovative, wave-like grid design facilitates beginners and experts alike. It helps in the uniform distribution of heat besides preventing food from falling off.

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  • Innovative design
  • Wavy cooking grids prevents food from falling
  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Reliable Jetfire ignition system
  • Adjustable RGB lights
  • Creative lid opening system
  • You may have difficulty finding replacement parts.

In our opinion, Napoleon’s built-in grill makes the perfect choice for beginners who want to kick-start their BBQ journey. The overall innovative design of the grill makes it a highly desirable grill for beginners and experts alike.

7. Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Gas Grill

Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Gas Grill

Weber is one of the market leaders when it comes to providing reliable BBQ equipment. This S-460 model from the best Weber grills is the true reflection of its prestigious efficiency and high-end build. It features highly efficient 4 burners that utilize a total grilling space of 468 inches. However, it is not possible to convert it to a propane grill.

This S-460 model also boasts smoker burns with a heating capacity of 6800 BTU. As far as construction is concerned, you will see an excellent combination of stainless steel and cast aluminum throughout the body. High-end powder coating on the exterior side further enhances the desirability of the grill in many ways.

Deep Cooking Chamber

Weber has utilized a highly innovative deep cooking chamber design in this version. It may not be able to adjust in a previously owned enclosure due to its dimensions. However, it has a lot of positive aspects that no one can ignore.

This design eliminates the need for sleeves for proper installation, which saves a user a lot of hassle. Additionally, the provision of satisfactory cabinet space is another plus that enhances the convenience for users in terms of efficient operation.

All-in-One Solution

Weber went ahead of its competitors by providing plenty of burner options on the device. Ideally, there are four primary burns that help you grill things of your choice. However, it does not end here. There is also a sear burner, a smoker, and a rotisserie. There are a total of seven knobs on this device that help you perform different operations based on your needs.

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  • Excellent combination of steel and aluminum throughout the body
  • Deep cooking chamber for enhanced efficiency
  • Multiple burners to meet your diverse BBQ needs
  • Reliable grease management
  • Electric ignition mechanism
  • Powder coating
  • It does not support convertibility.
  • Heat capacity is relatively low

In our opinion, this device from Weber is one of the best built-in gas grills available on the market. Everything from its stainless steel builds to cast aluminum build and easy assembly to inexpensive price tag makes it a worthy option to consider for small families.

8. AOG American Outdoor Built-in Natural Gas Grill 

AOG American Outdoor Built-in Natural Gas Grill 

The 3-burner built-in gas grill from AOG also boats a 304-stainless steel build that enhances its durability and functional efficiency. The primary cooking area on this machine is 648 sq inches with an additional 181 sq inches of space from the secondary burner.

You will also admire the innovative temperature control mechanism on this device that results from the use of sturdy, brass valves. There is also a 10-inch drip tray that helps in efficient grease management. In addition, this USA-made built-in grill features excellent cut dimensions to offer enhanced convenience for users.

Sleek Design

One of the most common advantages of AOG grills revolves around their stylish, sleek design that makes them stand out from the crowd. Similarly, this version also features a satin-finished hood which improves both the look and ease of use.

You will also notice a polished bezel thermometer that helps you monitor the temperature precisely. As far as build quality is concerned, the grill utilizes commercial-grade steel to ensure maximum protection against rust and corrosion. However, you will have to take care of regular maintenance if you want your machine to stay longer than your expectations. 

An All-Season Grill

One of the most common advantages of this AOG built-in grill is that it can sustain any weather conditions. Regardless of the temperature and weather conditions of the environment, the grill maintains efficient performance throughout its life.

It works fine even in areas with relatively hotter temperatures such as Central Texas where summers are quite hot. Besides working reliably at all times, it also allows users to use it continuously without taking any breaks. In other words, you can use it 7 days a week and it won’t show any performance lag.

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  • Excellent combination of style and performance
  • Total cooking space of 829 sq inches
  • Commercial-grade build
  • Satin finish
  • Highly efficient vaporizer panels for optimal heat distribution
  • Solid brass valves for temperature retention
  • Not suitable for newbies as it requires perfect levels of maintenance 

n our opinion, AOG’s grill makes the best choice for people looking for an excellent blend of aesthetics and quality. The commercial-grade steel on this machine resists corrosion and rust. All in all, it is an all-season machine that works in every weather condition with a proper temperature control mechanism.

9. Coyote C-Series Built-in Grill

Coyote C-Series Built in Grill - Best Built-In Grill for 2024

The last on our list is one of the premium grills offered by Coyote. Like the previous one on the list, it also features a commercial-grade stainless build with impressive overall performance. However, the cooking space is a little less at 497 sq inches, which is only suitable for the BBQ needs of small families.

There are a couple of burners with a collective heating capacity of 40 000 BTU which seems sufficient given the overall dimensions of the grill. When it comes to the ignition system, Coyote chose a push-and-turn system that is convenient and easy to operate. In sum, it’s still a good choice for families who don’t have a lot of BBQ needs but need plenty of classic features.


When it comes to BBQ grills, Coyote prefers the convenience of users over other factors. To that end, it comes pre-assembled and involves less hassle during operation. Some professional BBQ enthusiasts also refer to it as a “grill in the box” because of its enhanced convenience and value for users. 

There are no complex design issues that result in the straightforward operation of the device.  In addition, you will commend storage cabins and side shelves that help users during extensive BBQ pursuits.

Excellent Replacement

If you are looking to replace your existing grill with one from Coyote, this giant from the C-series may be the best choice currently available on the market. Everything from high-end infinity burners to reliable heat distribution mechanisms justifies its preference over other traditional models from the company.

In addition, you can also upgrade your cooking grates if you want to further increase the versatility of your device.

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  • Suitable for small families
  • Halogen lights
  • Allows for customization in terms of grates replacement
  • Highly efficient flame tamers enhance the smoky flavor
  • LP tank-shelf for enhanced convenience
  • Due to the limited cooking area, it can only be used by small families.

In our opinion, Coyote’s built-in gas grill makes the perfect choice for people upgrading their grills to Coyote models. Everything from a reliable heat distribution mechanism to sufficient customization options increase the desirability of this device many folds.

Final Words

We have reviewed top-class devices in this comprehensive list of the best built-in gas grills. However, if you are still not sure which way to go, take a look at these conclusive remarks about the winner. It will clear all the confusion about the perfect choice available for you on the list.

Blaze LTE 40-Inch 5-Burner Built-in Gas Grill is the overall best built-in gas grill that is second to none when it comes to meeting the expectations of high-end BBQ users. Everything from its top-notch, ergonomic design to excellent quality makes it stand out from the crowd. 

Its extensive cooking area coupled with multiple heating zones allows users to cook many things simultaneously without any hassle of complex temperature management. Having a combined heating capacity of 80 000 BTU (10 000 BTU from the infrared side burner) means you will not have any problems when it comes to searing meat at high temperatures.

The gas conversion kit on this device is another plus for users who want to shift to natural gas. The kit design makes installation simple even for novices. Lastly, when it comes to steaks, the availability of heat zone separators allows you to cook different types of steak in a single go.


What are the best propane grills to buy?

Napoleon Built-in Prestige PRO 500 is one of the best built-in propane gas grills available on the market. A warming rack and 760 sq inches of cooking space make up this beast. This grill’s cumulative heating capacity is 66,000 BTU, so it has a lot to offer in terms of searing. All in all, it’s a great built-in propane gas grill that offers reliable operational efficiency.

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How much does a built-in grill cost?

The cost of any built-in grill depends on the choice of customers and their requirements. You may need to spend over $2000 for a high-end model with perfect efficiency and reliability. On the other hand, some grills only cost $500 and get the job done.

In the end, it all comes down to the personal preference of buyers that determines the price factor of their choice.

Can I use a regular grill for a built-in?

Using a regular grill for a built-in is not impossible by introducing some minor design changes. However, we do not endorse any such changes if the grill is protected by warranty coverage by the manufacturer. In case of any uncertainty, you will lose all your investment within the blink of an eye.

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