9 Best Offset Smokers in 2024

Top Pick
Oklahoma Joe’s Highland

  • High Build Quality
  • Easy Assembly
  • Large Wheels
Runner Up
KBQ C-60 BBQ Smoker Pit

  • Rust Resistance
  • AutoDraft Feature
  • Adjustable Wire Shelves
Budget Pick
Char-Broil 12201570-A1

  • Best for Beginners
  • Supports Modifications
  • Reverse Flow Mechanism
9 Best Offset Smokers for 2024

Do you need a smoker for your backyard, but don’t know which type to choose? Take a look at this blog post on the best offset smokers. We will cover all options and help you make an informed decision about what is right for you. But wait, do you know what an offset smoker is?

An offset smoker is a type of smoker in which the smoke travels from a firebox that’s off to one side, up through an angled chimney. The hot air leaves the top of the device and draws cold air into its bottom before coming back down on the wood or charcoal inside. This creates indirect heat for smoking meats

Offset smokers are generally more efficient than other types of smokers, and they’re also easier to use. They do a great job time-wise, and they’re pretty simple to build. Moreover, offset smokers are perfect for people who want a smoker that has both excellent temperature control and flavor retention! 

This article will break down what makes a great offset smoker, as well as highlight some of our favorite products on the market right now. Whether it’s a gas-powered or charcoal model, we’ll help you decide which is right for your needs. 

We’ve done all of your homework for you so that you don’t have to waste time searching through reviews and buying guides. 

Best Offset Smokers 2024

Here is our list of the 9 most popular offset smokers currently available online. You may select the one that best matches your needs.

Let’s start the article with the comparison table first.

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick

Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker

Heavy-duty steel construction, Easy assembly, The front shelf and bottom shelf provide a lot of storage options. Check Price

KBQ C-60 BBQ Smoker Pit

960 sq inches of cooking surface, 4 adjustable wire shelves for a versatile smoking experience, Rust-resistance Check Price

Dyna-Glo DGSS730CBO-D-KIT Signature

Reliable build quality, Highly versatile side firebox, Total cooking space of 730 sq inches Check Price

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

2.5 mm steel body, 4 baffles produce even heat throughout the chamber, Total cooking space of 1060 sq inches Check Price

Dyna-Glo Signature

Provides value for money, Grates are easy to clean, A hefty cooking space of 1,382 square inches Check Price

Char-Griller E1224 Smokin Pro

Suitable for beginners, Front and side storage racks, Cast-iron cooking grates Check Price

Royal Gourmet CC1830FC

The total cooking capacity of 617 sq inches, Sturdy base, Side smoker is perfect for ring sausage Check Price

Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D

The total cooking capacity of 176 sq inches, The excellent ash removal system, Each of the six racks can support 25 pounds Check Price

Char-Broil 12201570-A1

Massive 1060 sq inches of cooking space, Highly reliable for beginners, Single-level grate eliminates the risk of uneven heat Check Price

Let’s have a look at the one-by-one product reviews.

1. Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker – Top Pick

Oklahoma Joe's Highland - Best Offset Smokers 2024

The first on our list is the top-notch offset smokers from Oklahoma that outperform many of its competitors in terms of operational efficiency and reliable cooking performance. The overall cooking surface of the smoker is 900 sq inches, which is enough to meet the BBQ needs of any large family.

In addition to the primary cooking chamber, you will have access to a 281 sq inches offset firebox to transform your BBQ experience into a memorable one no matter what type of food you are planning to cook on this machine. You will also admire the availability of a warming rack and multiple adjustable dampers that help ease the overall process.

Heavy-Gauge Steel Construction

No one can question the durability of this device, thanks to its heavy-gauge steel construction. This durable and rust-resistant design weighs over 176 pounds, which makes it the perfect choice if you have an outdoor space with limited mobility options. The four legs are sturdy enough to protect your investment from any kind of wind or movement on uneven ground while also providing stability during use. 

It’s built with durable wire cooking grates which are coated in porcelain to make them weather-resistant while also being easy to clean. With four sturdy legs at the bottom of the cart as well as a deep shelf on top where you can place additional storage boxes and fuel container cans, it stands up taut without much need for maintenance.

Enhanced Convenience

When it comes to creating the perfect barbecue for your friends and family, you want an offset smoker that is up to any challenge. Oklahoma Joe’s Highland offset smoker has a lot of features that enhance the overall convenience for users. 

This grill is everything you need for BBQs. It has a large bottom shelf to put your cooking equipment on. The front shelf will help keep your food stored. It also has many dampers so that you can control how hot it gets or how much smoke comes out. This grill costs less than $800, but it is still of great quality!

Easy Assembly

Assembling an offset smoker is a tedious task. It’s something that nobody likes to do and should be done in the least amount of time possible. The Oklahoma Joe’s Highland model comes with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that will make this process relatively quick for you, so there’ll be no need to worry about it at all!

Assembly may not seem like much fun, but when it boils down to convenience, this product scores big points because its assembly manual makes putting together your new higher-priced purchase a breeze. Just follow along and before long your barbecue will come alive right before your eyes.

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  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Easy assembly
  • The front shelf and bottom shelf provide a lot of storage options.
  • Easy heat control due to multiple dampers
  • Large wheels for enhanced stability
  • Sufficient warming area on the firebox
  • Increased weight 

In our opinion, Joe’s Highland from Oklahoma is the overall best offset smoker currently available on the market. Everything from its top-notch construction to reliable cooking mechanisms makes it stand out from the crowd.

2. KBQ C-60 BBQ Smoker Pit – Runner Up

KBQ C-60 BBQ Smoker Pit - High end offset smokers 2024

KBQ C-60 is another high-end offset smoker that comes with a foolproof build to stand the test of time. With its 960 square inches of cooking space, you’ll be able to cook enough food for a large family gathering or backyard party. This hotel-sized oven has 4 wire shelves to cook several dishes and full-size pans for the most ambitious chef.

This is the perfect smoker for those who are looking to make their own barbecue with a little bit of work. Making your ribs, beef brisket, or sausage? This is where you want to be! The thin blue smoke that it produces works great as an indicator and can even be moderated, so cooking could never go wrong when using this product.

Innovative Design

KBQ has been at the forefront of BBQ smoker innovation and the C-60 is one of their newest additions. This product has an Inverted Flame firebox that makes thin blue smoke automatically. As a result, you don’t have to worry about it burning out or not producing enough smoke flavor. 

KBQ C-60 BBQ Smoker Pit is not your typical smoker pit. It’s more than just an ordinary product. KBQ made this incredible smoker to ensure you get the best quality cooked meat and smoked flavor coming out of it. Your meat will have a smoky taste just like grandma’s cooking on wood.

Advanced Cooking Technology

The C-60 BBQ Smoker Pit is the most high-tech and has a myriad of features. The top part of this smoker pit includes an open pipe that connects to the firebox chamber below it. 

The cooking chamber contains fans that create a vacuum and generate convection to evenly heat the smoke inside, using cleanly burnt coals at the bottom. You don’t even have to flip the meat over to enjoy the light, aromatic flavors from this string pull feature!

Highly Reliable AutoDraft Mechanism

KBQ C-60 smoker has a patented AutoDraft feature that maintains an optimal smoking temperature of 250 degrees. Consequently, you’ll never have to worry about manually controlling it. 

The Draft Fan automatically turns on and off as needed in order to extract heat from the firebox. It mixes the heat with natural convection currents within the cooking chamber for an even distribution throughout your food’s surface area. All in all, the AutoDraft feature is nothing less than a blessing for those days when you’re busy running errands but want dinner on time!

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  • 960 sq inches of cooking surface
  • 4 adjustable wire shelves for a versatile smoking experience
  • Rust-resistance
  • Excellent quality blue flame
  • AutoDraft feature ensures automatic adjustment of temperature
  • 60 lbs heating capacity
  • Expensive
  • Lack of humidity control

In our opinion, KBQ C-60 is the runner-up in our list of the best offset smokers. The smoker can cook your favorite BBQ for hours on end without the smoke is too thick. It’s even better when you use this to produce thin blue smoke that is easy enough to moderate with a nice barbecue experience in mind!

3. Dyna-Glo DGSS730CBO-D-KIT Signature

Dyna-Glo DGSS730CBO-D-KIT Signature - Best competition offset smoker 2024

The next on our list is a high-end offset smoker from Dyna-Glo. The total cooking space on this grill is 730 sq inches, which is a lot of space for all your smoking needs at a weekend party. The cooking grates are made from porcelain-enameled cast iron, which is perfect for cooking, searing, and browning foods. 

After buying this one from Dyna-Glo you’ll have the perfect BBQ with this grill that can sear steaks, burgers, and veggies. Despite its ample cooking space, it delivers maximum heat transfer so that your favorite foods cook evenly.

Perfect Barrel-Style Smoker Grill

One of the most interesting barrel-style grills on this list is the Dyna-Glo Signature Series DGSS730CBO-D with Side Firebox. It looks like a typical barrel grill at first glance, but when you take a closer look some pretty unique features make it stand out from competitors. 

Even though many other barrels have an accessory smoker box for cooking meat more slowly and to perfection (similar to this one), not all of them can do so without losing heat or burning food. So, get ready to see a whole new experience with this device from Dyna-Glo.

Highly Versatile Side Firebox

The Dyna-Glo Signature Series DGSS730CBO-D has a side firebox that can also function as a smoker. The main problem with side fireboxes on other grills is that the heat and smoke are not enough to cook meat properly, but this box seems different. 

A key feature of this product is that its hinges are tight, which means water cannot enter and cause rust. This helps keep more flavor from escaping out into your grill while still letting plenty of smoke make it farther up for some fascinating flavors!

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  • Reliable build quality
  • Highly versatile side firebox
  • Total cooking space of 730 sq inches
  • Easily collapsible and large front shelf
  • Convenient ash pan design
  • Supports minor modifications
  • Pants come off easily after a few uses.

In our opinion, this model from Dyna-Glo makes the perfect choice for people who are interested in barrel-style smokers. Even though it is a grill smoker in the barrel style, it has many features, such as a high-end design, versatile firebox, and enhanced cooking surface that make it stand out from the crowd.

4. Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker - Best reverse flow offset smoker 2024

The fourth on our list of the best offset smokers is another beast from Oklahoma. Joe’s Longhorn is a phenomenal device that outperforms many of its competitors in terms of reliability and durability. With a total of 1060 sq inches of cooking space, it certainly qualifies as one of the best options available on the market.

The provision of a high-end baffle mechanism ensures the even distribution of heat and smoke throughout the cooking chamber. The best part about this device is that you don’t have to worry about ash piling up in the firebox. With a large stainless steel fuel basket and clean-out door, all of your ashes are extracted from the unit with ease!

A couple of Chambers

It comes with two separate chambers. The first chamber is the main cooking area with 751 sq. in and the firebox chamber has 309 sq. in of surface space for grilling your favorite foods or heating up some pizza! 

You can also use this second side to make a dish like whole-wheat macaroni that you’ll love eating after coming home from work on cold, rainy days. Days when it’s too dark outside to grill anything but there are still hours left in sunset time – as long as somebody else is willing to do the dishes afterward!

Reliable Baffles 

The presence of a series of baffles is perfect for all your outdoor grilling needs. The removable baffles allow you to customize how much smoke, heat, or flavor you want in each of the chambers before it gets blasted into whatever delicious food item may be on top!

There are so many options available with this vent system when choosing between cooking over direct flame versus a smoky taste. As a result, you have plenty of choices to consider for a perfect BBQ dinner.

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  • 2.5 mm steel body 
  • 4 baffles produce even heat throughout the chamber
  • Total cooking space of 1060 sq inches
  • Easy-to-clean baffle plates
  • Firebox also contains extra grilling grates
  • Ergonomic handles for easy handling
  • The door may leak smoke, requiring little modification for a quick fix.

In our opinion, Joe’s Longhorn makes the perfect choice for people looking for a mix of enhanced cooking capacity and top-notch build. Everything from a 2.5 mm steel body to porcelain cooking grates makes it stand out from the rest.

5. Dyna-Glo Signature Series Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker

Dyna-Glo Signature Series - Best Offset Charcoal Smoker 2024

Dyna-Glo Signature Series is a portable charcoal smoker that has been designed to provide you with the ultimate smoking experience. It offers 1,382 square inches of cooking space and can be easily transported thanks to its lightweight design. 

This smoker comes complete with five racks and a firebox that provides 284 sq. inches of grilling space for your favorite meats, vegetables, and more! Additionally, it is a great option for those looking to cook delicious smoked meats. With its efficient design, you will be able to generate more heat and smoke flow. This means that your meat comes out tasting flavorful without any bitterness!

Value for Money

Dyna Glo smokers are an excellent option for those looking to get the most bang for their buck. Aside from its 128-square-inch grilling surface, it also offers an additional 1,382 square inches of space that can be used as both a grill and vertical smoke chamber! 

This means you’ll have plenty of room to cook all your favorite cuts without any trouble at all. The heavy-duty stainless steel construction ensures that your food will be properly cooked every time, so it’s guaranteed to give you value for money with each use.

Easy to Use

The Dyna Glo vertical offset smoker has many features that make it easy to use. For example, the handles on top of the firebox are heat-resistant, so you can open and close the device without burning your hands. 

Furthermore, once you’re done cooking food in there all you need to do is wipe down the grates with a quick swipe. The grates are made of 5-chrome-plated steel, which makes them easy to clean. It is also easy to move after use; just grab the handle with one hand as I did when transferring my own back into my garage (although they also have them outside).

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  • Provides value for money
  • Grates are easy to clean
  • A hefty cooking space of 1,382 square inches
  • Easy to maintain charcoal box
  • Hybrid design
  • Weighs only 125 pounds
  • Careless use may cause rusting after a few uses.

In our opinion, this model from Dyna-Glo makes the perfect choice for people looking for high value for money. It combines nearly all the features of a high-end offset smoker at a very competitive price tag.

6. Char-Griller E1224 Smokin Pro 

Char-Griller E1224 Smokin Pro - Best offset smokers for beginners in 2024

Char-Griller’s E1224 is a combination grill and smoker that can cook up to eight burgers or four whole chickens at a time. The total cooking area of the Char-Griller grill and smoker is 830 square inches. The model comes with a 250 square-inch side firebox for either charcoal cooking or smoking, as well as 580 square inches of cooking surface. 

With the Char-Griller E1224, you’ll get plenty of things in a single package. Steel construction ensures you’ll get years of use out of the grill barrel and side firebox. Moreover, the cast iron cooking grates are nonstick so that they won’t burn your food like other cheaper grills, and the porcelain-enameled lid is easy to clean. 

Height-Adjustable Grates

The height of the charcoal can be adjusted to three different settings, so you’ll have no problem cooking your food just how you want it! Whether it’s steak or some tasty beef kabobs, this grill has got you covered with adjustable grate heights. You can grill a lot of food at once with the Char-Griller E1224 Smokin Pro – from hot dogs and hamburgers in the smoker’s box to chicken breasts on the top grate if you want.

This grill has a design that is perfect for grilling over two different heat sources. The larger portion of the grill can be used to cook with direct heat and sear meats, while still being able to keep foods like whole chicken wings from burning by using indirect cooking methods on one side.

Feature-rich Package

There are some great built-in extras like two wheels, a lower storage shelf, cast-iron grates with a protective nonstick coating inside, as well as three manually adjustable height adjustments – this makes sure no matter what type of meal you’re preparing on the BBQ (or even if there were just leftovers from last night) they’ll have room to cook evenly at their best level!

The Char-Griller E1224 Smoking Pro is one of the best offset smoker grills that are perfect for any outdoor cooking enthusiast. The lid has an easy-to-read temperature gauge, so you can always know how hot your food will be before it cooks too long or gets cold again. 

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  • Suitable for beginners
  • Front and side storage racks
  • Cast-iron cooking grates
  • A couple of sturdy wheels at the bottom
  • Total cooking space of 830 square inches
  • Not suitable for high-end professional use

In our opinion, Char-Griller 1224 makes the best offset smoker for people with relatively small grilling needs. In addition to the 250 square inch firebox on the side, this model offers 580 square inches of cooking surface, which is sufficient for a small family.

7. Royal Gourmet CC1830FC Charcoal Grill Offset Smoker

Royal Gourmet CC1830FC Charcoal Grill Offset Smoker - Best backyard offset smokers 2024

The Royal Gourmet CC1830R is one of the best backyard offset smokers, which is a great choice for your outdoor cooking needs. Featuring 443 square inches of steel wire cooking grates, and one hundred and eighty-four square inches of warming rack. and offset smoker each, this model can accommodate smaller gatherings and events with ease! 

Perfect for Steakhouse Quality Chicken

The Royal Gourmet CC1830F-C is a versatile grill that does an outstanding job of producing near-steakhouse quality sears for burgers, steaks, and chops. Grilling bone-in chicken pieces on the charcoal pan ensures great flavor every time! The heat can easily be adjusted between high and low.

When cooking large pieces of fish like a full salmon fillet, it delivers low heat to create just the right amount of smoke. This type of fire can also be used in smoking other food items such as ribs and beef brisket if done correctly!

Easy to Clean

Ease of cleaning is often the first thing that gets sacrificed when you’re cooking a meal on a charcoal grill. But not with this grill! It features a removable coal pan, which makes cleaning up messes easier than ever before. 

The removable coal pan lifts out so you can remove any spent embers. These porcelain-coated grates are easy to scrape down as well- they even help cut back on smoke from flare-ups or large pieces of food.

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  • Total cooking capacity of 617 sq inches
  • Sturdy base
  • Side smoker is perfect for ring sausage
  • Adjustable charcoal pan enhances versatility
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • t smoke large pieces of meat due to its relatively small size.

In our opinion, CC1830 FC from Royal Gourmet is the best offset smoker for people who want steakhouse quality without breaking the bank. Grilling bone-in chicken pieces on a charcoal pan guarantee great flavor every time on this device!

8. Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker 

Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker for 2024

Continuing with our list, the next option is a low-cost option from Dyna-Glo that over-delivers on capacity and price. The Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D is a charcoal smoker with a convenient side door for easy access. Additionally, the 25-pound capacity per rack means that you can smoke more meat at once without involving any hassles.

This smoker features six adjustable grates, each of which can be raised or lowered to fit different-sized meals. The 784 square inches total smoking surface and 1176 square inches of cooking space make this unit perfect for the backyard chef who likes to entertain guests. 

A Spacious Primary Chamber for Smoking

The Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Charcoal Offset Smoker is a heavy-duty, versatile smoker with an abundance of space. This rugged smoker offers a whopping 5 cubic feet of smoking space in its primary chamber, enough to fit 6 adjustable and removable shelves. Each shelf can hold up to 25 pounds of deliciousness!

Reliable Wood Loading System

Dyna Glo has been a favorite of smokers for years now, and the reason is easy to spot. The company’s heavy-duty porcelain enameled steel wood chip box ensures that your smoker will never be without fuel during those long family barbecues, thanks to its efficient loading system. Moreover, the heavy-duty steel box is perfect for repeated use without a loss of efficiency.

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  • Total cooking capacity of 176 sq inches 
  • The excellent ash removal system
  • Each of the six racks can support 25 pounds
  • Adjustable smoke stack
  • 5 cubic feet of smoking space in the primary chamber
  • For large cookouts, some of the grates will need to be removed every time.

In our opinion, DG1176 is one of the ultimate offset smokers available on the market. Everything from a total cooking capacity of 1176 sq inches to higher capacity racks makes it a perfect choice for extensive grillers.

9. Char-Broil 12201570-A1 American Gourmet Offset Smoker 

Char-Broil 12201570-A1 American Gourmet - Best Vertical Offset Smokers 2024

The last one on our list is a high-performing offset smoker from Char-Broil. With 290 sq inches of cooking space in the main chamber and 140 sq inches in the firebox, this one makes the perfect choice for a small family of 4 to 5 members.

Perfect for Beginners

Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker is a great smoker for beginners. This two-barrel design separates the heat source from where your meat will be smoked. As a result, you don’t have to worry about that direct fire hitting it and cooking it too much before beginning the smoke process.

Single-Level Grate 

It has a long, single-level grate that allows for even heating of all meats inside with no danger of it being burnt to death on one side and raw on the other. When you’re cooking just enough food for yourself or an intimate group, this device will get the job done.

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  • Massive 1060 sq inches of cooking space
  • Highly reliable for beginners
  • Single-level grate eliminates the risk of uneven heat
  • Ergonomic side shelf for food preparation
  • Supports modifications
  • Reverse flow mechanism 
  • Professional grilling is not recommended.

In our opinion, Char-Broil’s smoker is one of the best offset smokers for beginners. Everything from its single-level grate to a highly reliable smoke stack justifies its inclusion on the list.

What Factors Are Important Before Buying Any Offset Smoker?

Before you purchase the best offset smoker for your money, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Let’s discuss them briefly:

1. Price

One of the most important things to think about is price. You may want to find an affordable smoker that still offers the features that you need. Some people prefer to spend more money on their smoker so it will last longer while others prefer to buy a cheaper model and replace it as soon as it breaks down.

2. Cooking Space

In addition, consider cooking space- how many people do you plan on cooking for? Most smokers cook faster when there is less space between the fire and meat. On the other hand, you would need a bigger smoker if you have a large family.

3. Stainless Steel Construction 

Quality construction is important for offset smokers because it makes them more durable and easier to clean than grills with other types of construction. The heat from the firebox will cause any grease that falls on a stainless steel grill to “self-clean” off, leaving little need for cleaning in general. 

When looking at pricing there are options with stainless steel construction that are lower priced than those without, so it is a factor to consider when you’re on the fence about whether or not you can afford an offset smoker.

Final Verdict

We hope this guide has helped you narrow down your options in selecting an offset smoker that meets your needs. If not, check out the following conclusive remarks about our top pick for further consideration.

Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker is the overall best offset smoker. The heavy-duty construction means you can put the smoker through some tough conditions without damage. However, it doesn’t skimp on making your food delicious in any weather! 

With 900 sq inches of cooking space, this offset smoker is great for long nights out or just getting outside with friends. The front and bottom shelves give you plenty of storage for your foods that need marinating before going on the grill. Moreover, they also provide lots of room for tools like forks or knives, so you can cut meat cleanly without sticking.

You need to get one of these offset smokers today. Try your hand at cooking a meal with this bad boy, and you’ll have everybody raving about everything from the meat to the vegetables. Joe is ace, and he’s sure made the toughest job in the kitchen easier: grilling food outdoors!


What is the best brand of Offset Smokers?

There is no absolute answer to this question as offset smokers come in a variety of sizes and cooking capacities. In terms of build quality and operational efficiency, offset smokers from Oklahoma and KBQ-C are the best choices. However, if you are looking for inexpensive alternatives, then you can go for other brands such as Dyna-Glo and Char-Broil.

Is an Offset Smoker worth it?

These are great pieces of equipment that can make a huge difference when cooking food outdoors. If you’re into serious grilling, then you might want to consider buying an offset smoker.

Are Offset Vertical Smokers good?

Smokers are a tremendous option for people who want to have enhanced cooking capacity without compromising the quality of cookouts. Heat control is also relatively easy on these smokers. That is why we think vertical offset smokers are a good choice.

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