10 Best Weber Grills of 2024

Top Pick

Weber 62006001 Genesis II S-435

  • 6 burners in total
  • 69000 BTU capacity
  • 10-year warranty

Runner Up

Weber 61086001 LP Genesis II E-335

  • Eye-catching black finish
  • Total cooking capacity of 669 sq inches
  • Highly reliable grease management system

Budget Pick

Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill

  • 363 square inches of cooking space
  • Assembly only requires 10 minutes for professionals
  • Hinged cooking grates facilitate easy charcoal loading.

10 Best Weber Grills of 2024

Weber grills are one of the top-notch BBQ machines in the market. The company’s dedication to quality, performance, and value has made it a trusted name for outdoor cooking enthusiasts worldwide. But, what are the best Weber grills of 2024? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are trying to decide which one to buy. 

Weber produces lots of high-quality devices for a wide range of BBQ enthusiasts. There are so many decisions to make, and it can be difficult for some people to know where they should start. 

The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of cooking experience you want with your new grill. Are you concerned with getting the most heat possible, or would you prefer something milder? Do you want it because grilling food tastes delicious, or do you plan on using it as an outdoor oven for baking slices of bread and pies? 

The answer will help determine which kind of grill is right for your needs.

Here are the 10 best Weber grills reviewed!

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick

Weber 62006001 Genesis II S-435

6 burners in total, 69000 BTU capacity, 10-year warranty Check Price
Runner Up

Weber 61086001 LP Genesis II E-335

Eye-catching black finish, Total cooking capacity of 669 sq inches, Highly reliable grease management system Check Price

Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310

It comes equipped with a GS4 grilling mechanism, High-end built-in thermometer Check Price

Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe

Budget-friendly, Hinged grate design, Easy cleaning Check Price

Weber Spirit E330

Highly reliable sear station for perfect crusty steaks, Optimum construction Check Price

Weber Summit 7171001 E-470

Perfect for professionals, High-end sear zone, Check Price

Weber 44010001 Spirit II E-210

Stainless steel burners, Top-notch heat deflectors Check Price

Weber 14-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker

Perfect for small spaces, Cylindrical shape Check Price

Weber 15301001 Performer Charcoal Grill

363 square inches of cooking capacity, Multiple tool hooks Check Price
Budget Pick

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

363 square inches of cooking space, Having an elevated ash collector facilitates easy cleaning. Check Price

We have researched and analyzed lots of potential choices before making a final list of the best Weber grills. Read on the reviews in the subsequent section to find out what makes the perfect Weber machine for you.

Let’s have a look at the comparison table first for a quick overview.

1. Weber 62006001 Genesis II S-435 – Top Pick

Weber 62006001 Genesis II S-435 - Best Weber grills for the money

The first on our list is the top-notch Genesis II S-435, the best Weber machine in terms of value, high-end build, and reliability of cooking results. The total cooking capacity of nearly 844 sq inches means there will be enough space to cook for a large family of 6 to 7 members. 

This machine’s total number of burners is 6: 4 main burners, a side burner, and a high-end sear station. Additionally, the availability of 7 mm, pure stainless steel burners on this model ensures you get what you aim for, quality and consistency of cookouts.

Cooking Space of 844 Sq Inches

The total cooking capacity of this machine is 844 sq inches, which provides sufficient space to handle the BBQ needs of lots of people at once. With this much capacity, you have plenty of room for multiple dishes at once or just one big meal if you want something special tonight. 

There’s also an extra-large warming rack, so everyone gets their food hot and fresh right off the grill every time.

Combination of 6 Mighty Burners

With four powerful main burners, you can get cooking fast. Plus, a high-powered side burner and a sear station are included, so you can do everything from searing steaks to boiling water in no time at all. 

Moreover, it has a sleek stainless steel design that looks great on any patio, plus it’s packed with features that make grilling easier than ever before.

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  • 6 burners in total
  • 69000 BTU capacity
  • High-quality, 7 mm stainless steel grates
  • Support iGrill 3 for remote connectivity
  • Highly reliable flavorizer bars
  • 10-year warranty
  • Assembly requires time.

In our opinion, Genesis II S-435 is the overall best Weber currently available on the market. This is truly a premium product built for people who love spending time outside while cooking delicious meals for friends and family alike!

2. Weber 61086001 LP Genesis II E-335

Weber 61086001 LP Genesis II E-335 - Best Weber Grill 2024

The next on our list is the E-335 from the Genesis series, which provides a total cooking surface of 669 sq inches for a variety of BBQ pursuits. The three main burners on this machine provide a collective heating capacity of approximately 39,000 BTUs, while the sear station burner provides 9,000 BTUs in an hour for great direct heat cooking. 

669 Square Inches of Cooking Space

The Weber Genesis II E-335 is a propane grill with a total cooking area of 669 square inches. It has 513 square inches of primary cooking space and 156 square inches of secondary cooking space. In addition, this grill features an infinity ignition system, iGrill 3 remote connectivity, and high-end heat deflectors to enhance your cooking experience.

You can use this grill for all your entertaining outdoor needs based on its cooking capacity and features.

Porcelain Enameled Construction

The Weber Genesis II E-335 is a gas grill that will give you the ability to cook like a pro. It’s got three highly efficient stainless steel burners, producing up to 39,000 BTUs of heat. Searing steaks and other meats at high temperatures are possible using porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates.

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  • Eye-catching black finish
  • Total cooking capacity of 669 sq inches
  • The infinity ignition system provides utmost users’ convenience.
  • A 4-wheel design makes the device easily portable.
  • Highly reliable grease management system
  • The cabinet provides generous room for storing tools and stuff.
  • Not suitable for beginners.

In our opinion, Genesis II E-335 is the runner-up in our list of the best weber grills. Everything from its high-performance design to straightforward operation makes it stand out from the crowd. The Sear Station burner and Flavorizer bars on this grill provide great flavor.

3. Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310

Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 - Best Barbecue Grill 2024

E-310 is the first item from the Spirit series that stuns everyone with its design and overall efficiency. The total cooking area on this machine is 529 square inches, which is more than enough for a family of 4 to 5. 

The three main burners on this machine provide a commutative heating capacity of 30,000 BTU/hour. Moreover, it features an open-cart design that allows users to customize this machine in terms of storage options.

529 Square Inches of Cooking Space

The total cooking capacity of the three high-performance burners on E-310 provides a total of 529 square inches of grilling area. It means you can handle the BBQ needs of up to medium-sized families if you know the art of managing space in a BBQ grill. 

Additionally, you will love the provision of a top-notch grilling system that reduces waste and prevents flare-ups during the cooking experience.

Infinity Ignition System

Spirit E-310 is also equipped with a highly efficient ignition system that enhances convenience for users in many ways. For example, this infinity mechanism helps users turn their grill on within a few seconds. 

Moreover, having an infinity ignition means the overall durability of the device increases significantly as a poor ignition system requires users to change their grills every few years otherwise.

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  • It comes equipped with a GS4 grilling mechanism
  • iGrill 3 compatibility improves temperature management
  • High-end built-in thermometer
  • 30 000 BTU capacity
  • Can cook up to 13-15 burgers at a time
  • Improper maintenance leads to rusty parts.

In our opinion, Spirit E-310 makes the perfect choice for beginner barbecue lovers who are looking for a quality kick-start to their BBQ journey. Everything from its easy temperature management to a highly convenient ignition system enhances its capacity for newbies.

4. Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe 

Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe 

The next on our list is the deluxe performer model from Weber which provides a total cooking capacity of 363 square inches. This beast makes the perfect choice for users with a family of 2 to 3 members. The overall weight of 91 pounds on this machine makes it easy to move between places. Additionally, you will love the cleaning process on this grill, which only takes a few minutes.

Eye-Catching Design

Not every Weber grill looks stunning on the patio. However, that is not the case with this deluxe performer model, which catches everyone’s attention due to its stylish look. The design is way more impressive than the common Kettles cookers offered by the company. This cart-mounted kettle design enhances the convenience for users in addition to its attractive appearance.

One-Touch Cleaning Mechanism

The Performer Deluxe features a straightforward cleaning system that does not involve any hassle during the maintenance process. This one-touch system consists of an enclosed ash collector that you can easily remove and clean within seconds. Moreover, the use of porcelain-enameled coating also assists users in a quick cleaning process.

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  • Budget-friendly
  • 363 sq inches of cooking space
  • Hinged grate design
  • Weber’s Gourmet BBQ system allows for greater customization.
  • Easy cleaning
  • Only suitable for small families

In our opinion, the performer deluxe from Weber makes the perfect choice for users looking for a high value for money. Regardless of the lower price tag, the machine provides impressive features such as stylish design, convenient cleaning, easy ignition, and the top-notch Gourmet BBQ system from Weber.

5. Weber Spirit E330

Weber Spirit E330

The next on our list is another champ from the Spirit series that boasts a total cooking capacity of 529 square inches. The three main burners on this machine provide a total of 32,000 BTU/hour output, which is sufficient for handling a variety of searing pursuits.

Moreover, you will notice an electronic ignition system on this device and an excellent blend of stainless steel and porcelain-enameled construction.

3+1+1 Burners

Spirit series grills usually have a limited BTU capacity. However, E330 seems to be an exception in this regard. The total number of burners on E330 is 5, consisting of 3 main burners and a side and sear box burner. 

The internal sear burner offers 7500 BTU output/hour, which complements the overall heat capacity of the main burners. As a result, the device bears an excellent capacity for searing steaks at high temps.

Reliable Construction

You will notice an exceptional combination of stainless steel, porcelain-enameled, and cast-iron construction throughout the grill that justifies the price tag. Based on its construction and overall design, you can rely on this machine if you want to meet the grilling needs of 3 to 4 members without involving any hassles.

Moreover, the availability of a couple of grease trays on this machine makes cleaning up a breeze!

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  • Highly reliable sear station for perfect crusty steaks
  • Optimum construction
  • More compact than the Genesis series grills
  • 529 square inches of cooking space
  • A couple of removable grease trays
  • Inefficient tank hanger design

In our opinion, the Spirit E330 makes the perfect choice for users who want a BBQ machine for 3 to 5 people without opting for the much larger Genesis models. Everything from its reliable build to 529 square inches of cooking space makes this grill worthy of consideration.

6. Weber Summit 7171001 E-470

Weber Summit 7171001 E-470

Next comes the beast that is famous for its premium build and highly extensive cooking capacity. With a total cooking capacity of 580 square inches, the Summit series E470 provides sufficient space for professional chefs who work at busy restaurants. It also includes a sear burner in addition to 4 primary burners, a side burner, and a rotisseries burner

4+3 Burners

For professionals, variety is something that cannot be compromised. That’s where this champ from the Summit series comes in. The device features a total of 4 main burners with a collective BTU capacity of 48 800/hour. In addition, you will find a side burner and a sear burner with a total capacity of 12,000 and 10,600 BTU/hour.

However, the availability of a 10 600 BTU rotisseries burner is what makes this device stand out from the crowd. Therefore, there are a total of seven high-end burners that users can use to prepare a wide variety of dishes on the go.

Perfect for Extensive Grillers

The Summit E470 is not something we would recommend to newbies or small families. Instead, this machine’s overall design and premium build quality make it a highly suitable choice for extensive grillers and restaurant chefs who prefer a high-end BBQ machine.

In particular, the sear zone on this machine helps deliver steakhouse-quality cookouts if you know the recipes. It gets extremely hot within a few minutes, and you will require a couple of high-quality gloves for added safety. 

Pro Tip: Try Rotisserie chicken on this biggie one weekend and you will be blown away.

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  • Perfect for professionals
  • High-end sear zone
  • 580 square inches of cooking capacity
  • Precise temperature control
  • With knobs, lights, and grill light, it is easily usable at night.
  • A stunning black enamel finish fits every decor.
  • Expensive

In our opinion, E470 makes the best weber grill for professional chefs and extensive grillers who have been into barbecuing for years. The build quality, number of burners, heat capacity, and overall design of this grill make it a better choice than most of its competitors.

7. Weber 44010001 Spirit II E-210

Weber 44010001 Spirit II E-210

The next on our list of the best Weber grills is the Spirit II E-210 which is the last one from the Spirit series in this guide. This 2-burner gas grill provides a total cooking capacity of 450 square inches, and the total heat output is approximately 26,000 BTU/hour. As far as design is concerned, the E210 is relatively compact in comparison to its counterparts, such as the E310-reviewed earlier.

450 Square Inches of Cooking Space

The total cooking area on this machine is 450 square inches, which is sufficient for small to medium-sized families. The cooking area is sufficient to handle 10-13 burgers or two dozen chicken leg pieces in terms of capacity. Moreover, you can utilize the warming rack if you want to increase the quantity of an item you want to cook on this machine.

Stainless Steel Build

Like many others on the list, E210 also features a stainless build for many of its parts. For example, stainless steel burners ensure you can utilize the grills for years to come without involving any durability issues. In addition, the cast aluminum firebox is also highly durable and resists rust and corrosion effectively.

  • 450 square inches of cooking capacity
  • Stainless steel burners
  • Top-notch heat deflectors
  • Compact design
  • It gives off perfect char
  • Unnecessary advertisement stickers on the machine are difficult to remove.

In our opinion, E210 makes the best choice for users who want a compact alternative for their existing E310 model. Everything from its stainless steel burners to the cast-aluminum firebox, top-notch heat deflector, and excellent heat distribution mechanism makes this device stand out.

8. Weber 14-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker

Weber 14-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker

The next on our list is the Smokey Mountain cooker which is very popular among BBQ enthusiasts. With a total cooking capacity of 286 square inches, these compact machines impress lots of BBQ lovers. In addition, the maximum temperature range on this dual-grate machine is 190 degrees, which means you cannot utilize this grill for high-end searing.

Perfect for Small Patios and Balconies

The cylindrical shape and compact design of this machine enhance its attractiveness for small patios and balconies. This 14-inch machine provides a total of 286 square inches capacity, which is quite impressive, given its size. Additionally, 14-inch dual grates provide a variety of choices in terms of what to cook on this charcoal bullet smoker and grill.

Straightforward Assembly

Smokey Mountain outperforms many of its brothers on the list when it comes to ease of assembly. Unlike many others, you don’t have to deal with bulkier units and complicated steps during the setup process. Instead, you only have to follow some instructions to get the job done within 30 minutes.

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  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Cylindrical shape
  • Easy reloading of charcoal via an access door
  • Straightforward assembly
  • 286 square inches of cooking capacity
  • Not suitable for extensive grilling

In our opinion, Smokey mountain makes the perfect choice for uses who are looking for the best weber grills for small balconies and patios. It’s lightweight, compact, user-friendly, and offers a sufficient cooking area.

9. Weber 15301001 Performer Charcoal Grill

Weber 15301001 Performer Charcoal Grill

The next on our list is a performer charcoal grill that offers a total cooking capacity of 363 square inches, which is sufficient for a family of 2-3 members. The availability of the built-in temperature gauge, ergonomic lid-holder, multiple tool hooks, and a high-end cooking mechanism are notable features to consider in this grill.

Perfect for Charcoal Grill Lovers

This performance model is unbeatable if you’re a fan of compact charcoal grills like I am. With a total cooking area of 363 square inches, the grill offers a lot of convenience for users in terms of charcoal taste and consistency of cookouts. 

Moreover, the availability of a hole on the top is something pretty impressive as it allows you to add multiple items of your choice conveniently. 

Design Improvements

This performer charcoal brings in many advanced design improvements that make grilling a fun activity. For instance, the Touch-N go ignition system solves the hassles of inefficient starting up. 

Users can keep track of the inside temperature with the built-in temperature gauge to achieve consistently excellent BBQ results. Lastly, you will admire the built-in lid holder that holds the lid safely when not in use.

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  • 363 square inches of cooking capacity
  • Can cook up to 12 burgers at a time
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Multiple tool hooks
  • Assembly instructions are not easy to understand for newbies.

In our opinion, this performance grill from Weber makes the perfect choice for people who love compact charcoal grills. Everything from its sufficient cooking capacity to multiple design improvements has made this device a top-notch option to consider.

10. Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

The last on our list of the best Weber grills is the original kettle charcoal grill from the company. The total cooking area on this machine is 363 square inches. The grill features an ergonomic porcelain-enameled lid, a highly durable center bowl, excellent temperature management, and ease of cleaning.

Easy Setup: Only Takes 10 Minutes

The original kettle is one of those Weber devices which require minimal effort in the assembly process. If you have already assembled any charcoal grill, it should not take more than 10 minutes to complete the assembly process. However, newbies may require at least 20 minutes to complete the setup process. 

Hinged Cooking Grates

Loading charcoal during the extensive BBQ cookouts is a problem that troubles everyone. However, that is not the case with this machine from Weber. With a hinged cooking grates design, users can easily load the desired charcoal without involving any hassles.

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  • 363 square inches of cooking space
  • Assembly only requires 10 minutes for professionals
  • Hinged cooking grates facilitate easy charcoal loading.
  • Having an elevated ash collector facilitates easy cleaning.
  • A 3-legs design might seem inappropriate for some users. 

In our opinion, this Kettle charcoal grill from Weber is another impressive option to consider if you are a fan of traditional, simplified charcoal grilling methods. Everything from its top-notch design to highly efficient cooking technique will deliver consistent results over the years.

Understanding 4 Different Series of Grills Offered by Weber

Weber Spirit Series, Weber Summit Series, Weber Genesis Series, and Weber Joe Series are 4 different types of grilling machines currently sold by the company besides others. Here is a detailed description of each!

1. Weber Spirit Series

Spirit Series grills use a stainless steel body with porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and flavorizer bars, which create smoke to add flavors to your food. This series is perfect for a small family of up to four people, but you can get the larger E220 and E310 if necessary because they have an extra-large cooking area compared with others in their category.

It’s easy to clean the Weber Spirit series since they have a removable ash catcher for catching ashes inside the grill.

It also comes with a lid-mounted thermometer to measure the temperature of your grill, and it has an ignition system powered by propane or natural gas that makes lighting up as easy as turning on a switch.

Weber Spirit grills are available in multiple sizes. The most prominent models in this range are E210, E220, and E310.

2. Weber Summit Series

The grills in the Summit series make the perfect choice for users who are looking for an extensive BBQ experience. By extensive experience, we mean these grills have a huge cooking capacity that allows the user to prepare food for a large group of people.

The Weber Summit grills make the perfect choice for professional chefs working at a busy restaurant beside families with more than 6 to 7 members. However, with that said, if you are a family of 4 to 5, we don’t recommend going for any Summit series model because these grills usually have a higher price tag and high-end features aimed at meeting extensive BBQ needs.

3. Weber Genesis Series

The grills in the Genesis series offer a wide range of features and a high-end GS4 cooking mechanism. Within this range, you will find grills with 3 burners, such as the E-310 model we discussed earlier. There are also many Genesis grills with 4 burners, such as the Genesis S-435 we reviewed earlier.

The type of cooking grates also varies based on the model you choose in this series. For instance, most of the Genesis E-models will have porcelain cooking grates. On the other hand, you should go for S-models within the Genesis series if you are looking for a stainless steel build with a top-notch heat retention mechanism. 

In terms of the overall design, grills in this series have mostly open-cart designs. However, there are some grills with enclosed designs to cater to the needs of customers who prefer a customized cooking experience. 

4. Weber Joe Series

Joe is the cheapest of all Weber grills. It is a compact grill with limited features and comes with an affordable price tag. Available in several colors, these are best for small patios and balconies with limited space.

They also feature pre-installed tool hooks on both sides to hang accessories such as tongs or forks, a removable catch pan for easy cleaning, and storage hooks to keep the cover in place.

The cooking surface revolves around 200-350 square inches of space, which might not be enough for larger families or if you are planning to host parties often.

The grill’s small size makes it suitable for cooking for a maximum of two to three people, and it will not be suitable for cooking meals that require longer periods of time. The product has many advantages, though. It is very easy to assemble and use; you can do so within ten minutes after the package arrives at your doorstep. Plus, cleaning this grill takes about five minutes as well.

What’s better: bigger or smaller? Choose the Right Weber Grill Size

Weber grill is versatile cooking equipment that can cook pretty much anything you want to. It comes in different sizes and shapes, but how do we choose the right size for our needs? To find out more, read on…

Personal Preferences Matter a Lot!

The first thing to consider when choosing the best Weber grill is your own personal preference: 

Small Size Grills Can Handle 2-3 People 

Do you want to cook for a lot of people or just the two of you? If it’s your family, then go with large-sized BBQ grills. But if it is only you and maybe someone else every once in a while, small Weber grills such as the ones in the Spirit series or Joe series would be perfect for you. 

Go for Medium-Sized Grills If Smaller Ones Can’t Meet Your Cooking Demands.

Medium Size weber grills for outdoor kitchen

However, if there are times when you have guests over but do not know that it is your turn to host, then medium-sized BBQ grills are perfect for you. You can go for the Genesis series if you find yourself in this criterion. 

A medium-sized Weber Grill is also good if you want something portable and lightweight without compromising the cooking performance of a big grill. You can easily take out or store this size barbecue when not in use because they are typically smaller than large ones in the Summit Series. Although they are small, they are still capable of preparing a lot of food.

Larger Ones Are Suitable for Professionals

On the other hand, if you are a professional working at a high-end, busy restaurant, it would be better if you went for one from a Summit series. All the models in this series have huge cooking capacities besides top-notch build and cooking mechanisms that help deliver steakhouse-quality BBQ cookouts. 

Frequency of Use

The next thing to consider before buying your Weber grills is what you’re going to use them for. If you plan on using this grill every day and maybe even more than once, then choose stainless steel or cast iron materials that are durable and last longer. 

They are also more expensive though. If you only plan on using it once in a while, then go with the cheaper option: aluminum or steel grills that are easier to maintain and clean up.

Bigger Size Usually Means a Hefty Price Tag

The last thing we suggest you consider is your budget. You can find a lot of Weber grills for sale that give you the most value for your money because they are not too expensive. However, it will last long enough for you to get hundreds or even thousands of servings out of it.

Nonetheless, the price of the Weber machines increases as you go for the bigger units with extensive cooking capacity. Enhanced cooking capacity or a bigger Weber unit also costs a lot. The cost of a grill with 350 sq inches of cooking capacity will be significantly lower than the one having more than 500 sq inches of cooking capacity. 

That is why it is ideal to select the grill size that seems appropriate for the BBQ needs of your family. Investing in a bigger unit is pointless if you do not need increased cooking capacity altogether.


Is Weber Genesis II worth it?

Weber Genesis II is an excellent gas grill. It has many great features and is very durable. It has a lot to offer in terms of features, performance, and durability.

The availability of cast-iron cooking grates means there is plenty of convenience for users in terms of ease of cleaning and straightforward cooking methods. In addition, the presence of Weber’s high-end cooking mechanism means there will be no flare-ups and wastage of resources.

While this Weber grill might be a bit pricey, it is worth every cent spent on it. This product will certainly last you for years to come and give you value for your money. You can use the Weber Genesis II even in extreme winter conditions due to its high-end build and time-tested design. Once heated, it maintains the ideal temperature quickly.

Is Napoleon better than Weber?

In general, both are great when it comes to providing quality machines for a reliable BBQ experience. With multiple sizes and different cooking capacities available, there are many options to choose from. 

Weber slightly outperforms Napoleon in terms of minimizing flare-ups and build quality. In addition, the temperature control and fuel efficiency of Weber’s grill are also slightly better than the Napoleon. As a result, the Weber machines usually last a year or two longer than those from Napoleon. 

However, Napoleon seems to be an excellent choice if you are looking for extensive cooking capacities. This is because their machines typically have large cooking areas compared to Webers.

Why is Weber Genesis so expensive?

Many people have concerns about the higher price tags of Weber grills and smokers. Many possible explanations justify this increased price. The use of superior materials in the production of these machines increases the overall costs significantly.

Unlike many others on the market, Weber utilizes high-quality materials such as porcelain-coated steel, stainless steel, and cast iron in most components of their devices. As a result, the price of their grills is relatively greater than the other brands,

In particular, the Genesis series utilizes highly reliable design, engineering, and a top-notch cooking mechanism that results in an increase in the price tag.

A Final Word on the Best Weber Grills

We have reviewed the best Weber grills in this comprehensive besides providing other relevant information. We hope that after reading the above sections of the guide, you have finalized your choice. However, you can check the following conclusive remarks about our top pick if you are unable to narrow down your choice yet.

Weber 62006001 Genesis II S-435 is the overall best Weber grill because it provides an excellent mix of value, high-end construction, top-notch performance, and consistency of cooking outputs.

This grill makes the perfect choice for people who want the best out of their outdoor cooking experience. This grill brings everything you need into one product. As a result, you can get back to what matters most – spending time with your family and friends and enjoying delicious food. 

It features a GS4 high-performance grilling system that provides:

  • More heat and fewer flare-ups.
  • Stainless steel flavorizer bars that help keep food moist.
  • A grease management system that makes clean-up easy. 

The powerful propane gas grill features four stainless steel burners in addition to a side burner and a sear station that provides 69,000 BTUs of cooking power. So, you can get searing heat quickly when needed. 

And with plenty of storage space underneath the lid, there’s no shortage of room to store all your tools while still having enough space to cook up some tasty dishes.

You will surely enjoy grilling on the latest Weber machine you purchase.

Happy grilling!

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