7 Best Blackstone Grills of 2024 [Buyer’s Guide]

Top Pick
Blackstone 1984 Original

  • Top of the line
  • No fear of sticking
  • 4 burners
Runner Up
Blackstone 1517 Flat Top Grill

  • Battery Powered Ignition
  • Heavy Caster Wheels
  • Foldable Legs
Budget Pick
Blackstone 1971 Grill Station

  • Inexpensive
  • Stainless Steel Burners
  • Extremely Lightweight
Best Blackstone Grills

BBQ is a beloved American tradition, and if you’re lucky enough to have one of the best Blackstone grills at home, you know just how special it feels to grill your own food. Whether you love the taste of a perfectly cooked steak or crave tender veggies with a smoky flavor, there’s nothing quite like cooking on an outdoor gas grill.

The Blackstone Grills are perfect for any BBQ enthusiast or homemaker looking to upgrade their outdoor cooking experience. Whether you’re just starting out and want a grill that will endure years of grilling, or you’re an experienced chef looking to step your game up by adding some new equipment, the Blackstone is the way to go.

These grills are high-quality and durable, with the ability to cook anything from steaks to vegetables. The best thing about these grills is that they cook your food evenly and at the perfect temperature every time.

After analyzing lots of potential choices, we have finally come up with a list of the best Blackstone grills currently available on the market. You can check the reviews in the following section to see what makes an appropriate choice for you.

Let’s get started.

Best Blackstone Grills 2024

Have a look at the comparison table first!

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Blackstone 1984 Original 36 Inch Front Shelf
768 sq inches of cooking area, Equally suitable for professionals and newbies alike, No fear of sticking Check Price
Blackstone Flat Top Gas Grill 1517, 28 inch
Battery-powered ignition, 470 square inches of cooking space, Foldable legs Check Price
Blackstone 1853 Flat Top Gas Grill
70 sq inches cooking capacity, One side shelf plus a bottom shelf, Ergonomic side handles for easy grip Check Price
Blackstone Tabletop Griddle, 1666
339 square inches of cooking capacity, 24000 BTU output, Highly portable Check Price
Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 Burner
720 sq inches of grilling space, 4-stainless steel burners, High value for money Check Price
36″ Cooking Station Flat Top Gas Griddle
4 different temperature zones, Excellent grease management system, 720 sq inches of cooking space Check Price
Blackstone 1971 Top Grill Station for Kitchen
Inexpensive, 267 square inches of cooking space, Stainless steel burner Check Price

1. Blackstone 1984 Original 36 Inch Front Shelf – Top Pick

Blackstone 1984 Original 36 Inch Front Shelf - Best Blackstone Grills 2024

The first on our list is this 1984 version of the Blackstone grills that outperforms every other on the list in terms of reliability, top-notch functionality, and consistent cooking results. This flat griddle provides a total cooking surface of 768 sq inches, which is enough to meet the BBQ requirements of a large family.

Moreover, the availability of a couple of prep stations, 4 burners, an excellent heat distribution system, and a top-notch grease management system makes this a machine not to be missed. 

768 sq Inches of Cooking Space

Have you ever wanted to grill everything at once? Now you can! Featuring the Blackstone 1984 Original 36 Inch Front Shelf, 768 square feet of cooking space, and a full-size gas grill all in one unit, this is an excellent addition to your outdoor kitchen.

It has 768 sq inches of cooking space that lets you cook all kinds of foods at once – meats, vegetables, rice, noodles… anything goes. No more worrying about food sticking or burning because our nonstick surface makes it so easy for food to slide off when done cooking. And did we mention that it looks great too? This grill is sure to be an eye-catching centerpiece in your backyard for years and years. 

2 Top-Notch Prep Stations

What if you could make the perfect burger and so much else every time? The Blackstone 1984 Original 36-inch Front Shelf is a griddle that features two prep stations and a front shelf with a magnetic strip. 

You can use this griddle to dice veggies and season your burger patties, so everything feels natural on this larger surface. Moreover, this product is made from high-quality materials that will last through years of heavy usage without breaking down or wearing out.

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  • 768 sq inches of cooking area
  • Equally suitable for professionals and newbies alike
  • No fear of sticking
  • 2 prep stations
  • 4 burners
  • Straightforward temperature control
  • Expensive

In our opinion, this 1984 model is the best Blackstone available on the market. Everything from its top-notch construction to extensive grilling area, excellent heat management system, and straightforward cleaning mechanism makes this device stands out.

2. Blackstone Flat Top Gas Grill 1517 – Runner-Up

Blackstone Flat Top Gas Grill 1517

Next comes the 1517 version of the flat top grill that features a total grilling space of 470 sq inches. There are also a bottom and a couple of side shelves to help you prepare your food without any hassles. Additionally, the availability of a battery-powered ignition system ensures users can get started with the grilling sessions within seconds. 

Not only that, the top griddle is removable, which means you’ll have plenty of portability as it features a foldable design with high-end caster wheels. Lastly, the overall design and specifications of the grill make this device easy to use and assemble. 

470 sq Inches of Grilling Space

Blackstone 1517 is perfect for anyone who loves to cook and wants to make their favorite dishes with ease. It has 470 square inches of cooking space, so there’s plenty of room for all your friends and family when they come over.

If you love cooking but hate spending hours slaving over a hot stove, then this grill is for YOU. No more standing around with tongs in hand waiting for your meat to brown – now you can do other things while your food cooks, like eat some chips or drink some beer (or both). This thing has all the bells and whistles. And don’t worry about cleaning up either because this baby cleans itself in minutes.


The Blackstone Flat Top Gas Grill is the perfect addition to your backyard. It’s made with high-quality materials and has a great design that will look good in any yard. You can use it for all kinds of cooking, including pancakes, burgers, steak, chicken wings, and more. Plus, there’s plenty of room on it (28-inch model), so you can cook for a large family.

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  • Battery-powered ignition
  • 470 square inches of cooking space
  • Foldable legs
  • Heavy-duty caster wheels
  • No issues related to grease drainage
  • Maintains temperature even on windy days.
  • Customer care services need improvement.

In our opinion, 1517 is the runner-up in our list of the best Blackstone grills. It can be the perfect addition to any backyard. It’s easy to use, has plenty of space for cooking, and comes with an amazing warranty. There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning and smelling bacon sizzling away on your brand-new grill griddle.

3. Blackstone 1853 Flat Top Gas Grill 

Blackstone 1853 Flat Top Gas Grill - best deals on blackstone grills 2024

Blackstone 1853 is another giant gas grill offered by Blackstone that boasts a total cooking space of 470 sq inches, like the previous one. However, there is only one side shelf and a bottom shelf on this machine that helps you during the food preparation. 

The use of black powder coating enhances the reliability of this machine in terms of actively resisting rust and resistance. Moreover, it features a push-button ignition system to facilitate users in a straightforward startup. 

Push-Button Ignition 

This gas grill has push-button ignition, so you don’t have to mess around with lighters or matches when cooking outside. Just press the button and get ready for some tasty food. Plus, it comes with a top-notch grease management system that makes cleanup quick and easy after each meal. And with its stylish design, this grill will look great in any backyard or outdoor space.

Quicker Heat Buildup

This grill heats up quickly thanks to highly reliable temperature management, which ensures that heat is distributed evenly across the entire surface area of your flat top grate. Moreover, the Blackstone 1853 Flat Top Gas Grill is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to cook with gas. 

It’s easy to use and maintain, so it’s great for beginners but also has enough features to keep more experienced cooks happy too.

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  • 70 sq inches cooking capacity
  • One side shelf plus a bottom shelf
  • Ergonomic side handles for easy grip
  • If you are a professional, you can serve breakfast to up to 250 guests.
  • Powder coating prevents rust and resistance.
  • If you need a griddle but don’t have access to electricity, this is the ideal solution.
  • You have to buy the protective cover separately.

In our opinion, 1853 is another excellent choice to consider if you are looking for the best Blacktop flat top grill. Aside from being easy to assemble, it looks great and cooks flawlessly every time. You can cook breakfast for up to 250 people in no time at all.

4. Blackstone Tabletop Griddle, 1666

Blackstone Tabletop Griddle, 1666 - Best Blackstone Griddle for 2024

The net on our list is the 1666 model offered by Blackstone. With 339 square inches of cooking space and 24000 BTU heat output, it is undoubtedly another machine worth considering. Unlike the previous models, the 1666 offers higher portability and convenience for adventure-seeking people. 

A couple of “H” style, high-end burners on this machine ensure excellent heat distribution and easy control throughout your grilling sessions. Moreover, the rear-style grease management system allows for easy cleanup during extensive cooking without causing any hassles.


The Blackstone 1853 Flat Top Gas Grill is the perfect solution if you are looking for a highly portable Blackstone grill. It’s portable, lightweight, easy to use, and weighs only 32 pounds. You can take it anywhere you go! Whether you’re tailgating or camping, this grill will make your life easier. And with all of its features, it’s sure to become your favorite cooking tool in no time at all.

There are even two burners so that you can prepare different dishes simultaneously without having to wait for one side to finish before starting on another dish. With this grill by your side, there is nothing stopping you from creating delicious meals wherever life takes you.

339 Square Inches of Cooking Space

With a 339 sq Inch cooking surface and 24,000 BTUs of heat, it has a lot to offer in terms of cooking capacity regardless of the small size.

And since this is a flat-top griller, there are no flare-ups or hot spots when searing steaks at high temperatures, which means better-tasting food. This grill has everything you need in one place without taking up too much space on your deck or patio.

  • 339 square inches of cooking capacity
  • 24000 BTU output
  • Highly portable
  • Perfect for kitchen countertop
  • “H-style” burners ensure excellent heat distribution and easy startup.
  • It cannot be connected to a larger propane tank.

In our opinion, the Blackstone 1853 Flat Top Gas Grill is perfect for any kitchen countertop or outdoor patio tabletop, and it can go anywhere with ease. This grill will make mornings easier than ever before, and who doesn’t love that?

5. Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 Burner

Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 Burner

The next on our list is the 1554 version of the best Blackstone grills available on the market. This 4-burner machine offers a massive total cooking space of 720 sq inches, which is more than enough when it comes to meeting the grilling needs of a whole weekend party. 

This 4-burner machine produces a total of 15000 watts of heat per burner. In other words, you will have a massive 60,000 BTU capacity in total with this grill. Lastly, the combination of stainless steel material and powder coating makes this grill stand out from the rest.

720 sq Inches of Grilling Space

The Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 Burner is the perfect grill for anyone who loves to entertain. It’s got 720 square inches of grilling space, so you can cook enough food to feed your entire neighborhood block party. Moreover, it requires minimal assembly, just a couple of minutes, and you are ready to cook.

This gas-powered grill gives you four stainless steel burners with individual controls. So each person in your party can choose their own heat level and style of cooking without having to wait around or fight over one burner that everyone wants.

Value for Money

The Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 Burner offers an excellent cooking experience. It’s built with quality materials and has an even heating surface that will leave you with a shiny black cooking surface. 

You can use it for cooking anything from steaks to vegetables, and it comes packaged extremely well, so there’s no risk of damage during shipping. In addition, this grill is built well, so you won’t have any problems with durability or rusting over time.

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  • 720 sq inches of grilling space
  • 4-stainless steel burners
  • High value for money
  • Highly durable black frame
  • 60 000 BTU total heat output
  • The grease management system needs improvement.

In our opinion, Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 Burner can be the perfect stove for your kitchen. It’s built with quality materials and will last you years to come. With its large cooking surface, it’s great for family dinners or hosting parties.

6. 36″ Cooking Station Flat Top Gas Griddle 

36" Cooking Station Flat Top Gas Griddle 

The next on our list is this 1852 model from Blackstone which is another best Blackstone griddles currently available on the market. Like the previous one, this one also features a total cooking space of 720 square inches of grilling space for extensive cookouts. 

Another interesting thing about this grill is the availability of heat-resistant handles on both sides that offer widespread convenience during extensive cooking. Moreover, compared to many other models of the company, 1852 offers convenient grease management that is easy to handle for users. 

Ease of Maintenance

Are you tired of grease dripping on your stovetop? With the 36″ Cooking Station Flat Top Gas Griddle, you can cook everything from eggs to pancakes without worrying about grease. It has a rear grease management system that keeps all the mess contained and out of sight. Plus, it’s easy to clean because it’s made with dishwasher-safe components.

Moreover, you can easily season this griddle with ease, which means that it will be ready for use in no time at all.

4 Temperature Zones

With 4 temperature zones, this grill allows you to cook anything from eggs and bacon for breakfast to burgers and steaks for dinner! It’s even great for pancakes on Sunday morning. You can use it as a smoker or a fryer, too, with its adjustable legs that let you control the height of the cooking surface.

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  • 4 different temperature zones
  • Excellent grease management system
  • 720 sq inches of cooking space
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Heat-resistant plastic handle
  • Customer care services need improvement.

In our opinion, this griddle is perfect for anyone who wants an easier way to cook their food. This grill has an extra-large work area, so there’s plenty of room for everything from large batches of pancakes to all your favorite meats at once.

7. Blackstone 1971 Heavy Duty Flat Top Grill Station for Kitchen 

Blackstone 1971 Heavy Duty Flat Top Grill Station for Kitchen 

The last on our list is the 17-inch heavy-duty grill station from Blackstone that offers a total cooking space of 267 square inches. With an overall weight of only 5 lbs, it is another excellent choice if you are looking for a highly portable tabletop griddle. 

It features a single burner with a heat output of 12500 BTU, which seems sufficient for delicately handling multiple things at a time. Lastly, you’ll love the sturdiness of the bottom feet that enhances stability during hasty cooking sessions.

Weighs Only 5 Pounds

Blackstone 1971 is pretty compact and portable, so it can be used in any kitchen space. And with its 5-pound weight, you can take it anywhere without worrying about lugging around a heavy appliance. 

Plus, this grill station comes with an adjustable height feature that allows you to adjust the height of your grill in accordance with your own height (as there is no fixed stand/legs).

Stainless Steel Griddle

This grill station features a stainless steel construction that makes it durable and long-lasting – even in harsh weather conditions. And with its sleek black finish, it will look great in any kitchen or outdoor setting. 

Additionally, with its flat top design, it allows for more cooking space than traditional round grills while still being easy to clean and maintain after use.

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  • Inexpensive
  • 267 square inches of cooking space
  • Stainless steel burner
  • A sturdy base enhances stability.
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Heat output of 12500 BTU
  • There is only 1 burner.

In our opinion, this 1971 makes the best Blackstone grill for people looking for a machine that can cater to the needs of up to 4 people. Regardless of the lower price tag and smaller size, it provides lots of cooking convenience for users in terms of design, durability, and cooking mechanism.

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Blackstone Grills?

There are a few factors you need to take into account before purchasing a Blackstone Grill. Here are the most important things to consider:

Size of Grill

The size of the grill is an important consideration, especially if you plan on using it for camping or tailgating. Blackstone Grills come in multiple sizes: 17-inches, 28-inches, and 38-inches. Make sure to choose the size that is best suited for your needs.

The good news is we have included multiple sizes of Blackstone grill in our guide so that everyone can have a perfect choice for them.

Type of Grill

There are two types of Blackstone Grills: portable and stationary. Portable grills are perfect for camping or tailgating, while stationary grills are great for use in your backyard or patio. Choose the type of grill that best suits your needs.


The price you are willing to pay for the Blackstone Grill will likely determine the type and size you will purchase. There are entry-level grills available, but there are also more expensive models with lots of features. 

The good news is that no matter the price, all Blackstone Grills are made with durable materials that will last for years.

BTU Rating

The BTU rating is important to consider because it tells you how much heat the grill can generate. The higher the BTU rating, the more heat the grill will produce. Choose a grill with a high BTU rating if you want to cook food quickly.

No. of Burners

The company offers 1, 2, 3, and 4 burner grills.

The number of burners in a grill determines how much heat the grill can produce. If you plan on cooking food for a lot of people, look for a large grill with several burners to ensure proper healing.

Extra Features

Some Blackstone Grills come with a lot of features, while others have fewer. These features can be helpful, but they also add to the cost.

Features might include:

  • A side burner for cooking additional food.
  • A gas gauge to show how much propane is in the tank.
  • A push-button ignition.

Make sure the grill you choose has all the features that are important to you.

Usage and Maintenance

How often do you plan on using the Blackstone Grill? Will you be tailgating or camping regularly, or will it be used mainly for backyard barbecues? How easy is the grill to set up and take down? These are critical questions to ask yourself before making a purchase.

Also, consider how often you will need to clean the grill. Blackstone Grills are easy to clean, but some models have more nooks and crannies that can be difficult to reach. Choose a grill that is easy to clean for your needs.

Now that you know what to consider before buying a Blackstone Grill, it’s time to find the perfect one for you. Check out the different models listed above and choose the one that fits your needs.

Final Words

We have reviewed the best Blackstone grills in this comprehensive buying guide to help you make an informed decision. However, you can check the following remarks about our top pick if you are still unsure about what makes the perfect choice for you.

Blackstone 1984 Original 36-inch Front Shelf is the overall champion that outperforms every other in terms of reliability, cooking space, ergonomic design, and top-notch functionality.

The Blackstone 1984 Original 36-inch Front Shelf is a grill that will change the way you cook. It’s not just a grill; it’s an experience. With 768 sq inches of cooking space, everything on it cooks perfectly. From pancakes to grilled cheese sandwiches and burgers! 

It has everything you could ever want in a grill – and more. It comes with 4 stainless steel burners with top-notch heat output, so your food will come out perfectly cooked every time. 

With its large cooking surface, this grill gives you more space than other grills on the market today, so there’s enough room to feed everyone at your next party or get-together. 

And don’t worry about having to clean up after dinner – just wheel it into place under your deck or patio. After dinner, simply turn off the propane tank and leave everything as is until morning, when you can easily wipe down any remaining grease from last night’s meal before rolling away again.

The best part about this grill? It won’t break the bank like other high-end grills on the market today.


Is a Blackstone Grill worth it?

Yes, most definitely. The Blackstone Grill is a great way to cook outdoors, and it can be used to cook a variety of food items.

One of the best things about a Blackstone Grill is that it cooks food evenly. This means that you don’t have to worry about one side of your food being overcooked while the other side remains undercooked.

This grill is also extremely versatile, and it can be used to cook many different types of food items. You can use this product for cooking anything from burgers and hot dogs to steaks and vegetables.

Why are Blackstone Griddles so popular?

The answer is simple, durability. Blackstone griddles are extremely durable and can be used for many years. Their design doesn’t allow them to warp like other griddles on the market. Because of this, they do not need to be replaced every few years like traditional cast iron griddles.

Additionally, they heat evenly, which makes it easy to cook burgers or pancakes. Finally, Blackstone griddles are easy to clean and come with a built-in grease trap that catches all the bad stuff, so it doesn’t end up on your floor. So if you’re looking for a quality griddle that will last you for years, look no further than a Blackstone griddle.

How long do Blackstone Griddles last?

10-15 years if maintained properly.

Blackstone griddles are built to last a long time, but there are some simple things you can do to maximize their longevity. First and foremost, always use the griddle on a level surface. If it’s not level, your griddle could wobble and cause damage. 

Second, make sure to keep the cooking surface clean. Food residue can cause the metal to rust over time. Finally, store your griddle in a dry place when it’s not in use. This will prevent the metal from rusting or corroding.

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