Why Are Built-In Grills So Expensive? (Top 6 Reasons)

Any outdoor kitchen seems incomplete without a perfect built-in grill in place. Not only, these grills are powerful and stylish, but they can transform your BBQ experience into an enjoyable pursuit. 

However, everything comes at a price. These machines are way more expensive than the regular grills we usually see for traditional BBQ cookout sessions. In this guide, we’ll be looking at some reasons why built-in grills are so expensive.

Let’s get started without further ado!

6 Reasons Why Built-in Grills Are So Expensive?

The following are some reasons that will help you understand the justifications behind the relatively higher price tag of a built-in grill:

Why Are Built-In Grills So Expensive?

1. Premium Build

The first thing that you need to consider is the quality of the material used in the production of built-in grills. Stainless steel is the primary component of any top-notch expensive grill, which helps the grill last more than a decade. 

The use of military-grade stainless steel in most parts of these heavy-duty machines increases the overall cost by many folds. Here are some ways in which stainless steel benefits users:

  • It increases the durability of machines as the grills would be able to sustain tough working conditions due to quality construction. 
  • A high-quality steel build also ensures excellent heat retention. Instead of leaking out heat, the stainless steel exterior seals the heat perfectly to minimize heat loss As a result, you’d be able to enjoy consistent temperature throughout your grilling sessions.

You would realize the importance of heat retention if you’ve ever used a high-quality stainless steel grill. 

  • Another thing worth mentioning about stainless steel grills is heat distribution. The use of high-quality steel in built-in grills ensures the end-users can have excellent heat distribution throughout the grill.

In other words, there are minimal chances of cold spots and flare-ups when you invest in a quality built-in grill. The internal components of the grill are made of stainless steel to ensure each part receives the correct amount of heat.

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2. Exceptional Heat Output Capacity

Another thing that justifies a higher price tag for built-in grills is the overall heat output/capacity. Compared to ordinary grills, drop-in grills have a higher BTU capacity, which means you’ll have lots of flexibility in terms of what cooking options are available on a particular machine. 

Confusing, right? Let me explain what we mean by heat capacity, and why is it so important. 

The heat output of any grill is expressed in terms of BTUs. These BTUs define the maximum heat output capacity of any grill. It means a device with a higher BTU will have more heat output capacity and vice versa.

The higher heat output means users have flexibility in terms of the temperature range. They will also be in a position to deliver steakhouse-quality steaks. It is because searing meat at high temp is a breeze if you own a grill with a higher BTU capacity.

Besides, high heat capacity also translates into a quicker heat build-up and relatively fast cookouts.

3. Top-notch design and Craftsmanship

It is impossible to overemphasize how important the design element is in outdoor kitchens. Built-in grills stand out from the rest of their counterparts because they have precision in terms of everything from dimensions to finishing. 

A slight imbalance in any aspect can disturb the entire outlook of the outdoor kitchen.

As far as built-in grills are concerned, the design has to accommodate the allocated countertop configurations with minimal flexibility in clearing space. In other words, manufacturers have to build every piece of a built-in grill with top-notch precision and craftsmanship. Otherwise, it won’t fit the countertop dimensions.

Given the required precision in design and dimensions, manufacturers have to spend extra time and labor to meet the expectations of users in this regard. As a result, the cost of these machines increases significantly.

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4. High-Quality Grates

Grates are one of the first components in any inexpensive grill that start showing signs of bad days ahead. What makes cooking grates in those grills so vulnerable to rust and corrosion? The answer is QUALITY.

Yes, you heard it right! Inexpensive grills usually sacrifice the build quality of cooking grates. As a result, these grates are prone to rust and corrosion. And, some of those even start showing signs of degradation within the first year.

However, that is not the case with built-in grills, which are built to meet the user’s expectations in every regard. Generally, these grills feature high-end porcelain-coated grates that actively fight corrosion and rust over the years regardless of regular cleaning.

Besides resisting rust and corrosion, built-in grills are also useful in terms of excellent distribution of heat. In other words, porcelain grates ensure a consistent supply of heat throughout the grill with no cold spots whatsoever. 

As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy a consistent supply of heat throughout the machine for a delicious BBQ session. 

5. Made in the USA

Are built-in Grills Worth the Money?

In my years of grilling and BBQ experience, I’ve encountered a variety of built-in grills. Most of them have one thing in common “Made in USA” tag that explains why these grills are so expensive. 

A “Made in USA” tag brings lots of conveniences for users on one hand. However, it increases the cost for manufacturers on the other hand. 


First, the material and labor costs in the US are way greater than in Asian countries where cheap labor is readily available. Plus, you have to follow a “minimum wage” criterion if you are hiring the services of an expert as a manufacturer.

Lastly, manufacturers have to obtain licenses and meet the health safety standards to successfully produce built-in grills in the country. 

All of these factors increase the overall production costs for built-in grills that manufacturers pass on to the end-user.

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6. Useful Extras

Not every grill on the market offers a comprehensive list of extra features to increase the overall convenience of the end user. However, built-in grills outperform many of their counterparts in this aspect, too.

Regardless of the company of the best built-in grill you want to buy, you’ll notice some cool features on every built-in outdoor machine. The following are some useful extras that usually come along with any built-in grill:

  • Side tables
  • Storage cabins
  • Rotisserie kits
  • Side-mounted infrared burners
  • Extended warranty coverage

Are built-in Grills Worth the Money?

The answer to this question varies from individual to individual. If you are looking to buy a perfect grill for an outdoor kitchen, then built-in grills are undoubtedly a choice that makes the best deal.

They feature a premium build and offer a BBQ experience that is difficult to find in an ordinary grill. The overall cooking experience and ergonomic design make them stand out from the crowd. 

However, if you are looking for something cheaper, and do not care much about the reliability and overall performance of the machine, there are some other good choices to consider as well.

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Built-in grills are undoubtedly more expensive than many of their counterparts. However, the premium build, precise design components, craftsmanship, performance-oriented grates, and a highly reliable cooking mechanism justify this price tag.

The built-in grill is a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a top-notch grilling machine for an outdoor kitchen. However, for people who want to go for inexpensive versions of BBQ machines, there are plenty of other choices to consider.

We hope the information provided in the article has helped you understand why are built-in grills so expensive. Don’t forget to check other blogs on our site if you want to elevate your grilling game.

Happy grilling!

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