How to Use Wood Pellets on a Gas Grill?

How to use wood pellets on a gas grill if you want to increase the flavor of the meat? Sounds interesting, right? Here you will find instructions on using wood pellets on a gas grill to improve the taste of your meat. 

As you know, the meat is smoked with wood pellets to add flavor and aroma. Because of their high density and low moisture content, wood pellets are an excellent medium for producing smoke and flavor. You can use wood pallets in any cooking appliance to produce the desired result from cooking meat.

How to Use Wood Pellets on a Gas Grill?

In our comprehensive guide, you will learn how to safely use wood pallets on gas grills.

Here is what you need to consider in this regard!

Benefits of Smoking with Pellets

Wood pellets have the advantage of imparting a smoky flavor to your BBQ meats.

You can add different varieties of pellets to your grill to get a new flavor each time. Apple, hickory, cherry, and mesquite are among the most popular.

Here is a complete guide where you can learn which wood pellet you must use.

Another advantage of pellets is that they are far easier to clean up than charcoal or hardwood bits. They produce less ash, making them an efficient fuel source.

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Methods to Use Wood Pallets on a Gas Grill

Pellets can be placed within a gas grill in four different ways.

1. Pan Method

In the pan method, the wood pellets will be wrapped in aluminum foil. However, you can use any metal pan instead of aluminum foil. First, place the pellets in a pan, but make sure there’s a vent for the smoke. Next, poke a hole in the foil and cover the frying pan with aluminum foil.

Prepare the grill by heating it too high when the grill reaches 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the cooking pan on the flame after turning off all the burners. Place the food on the opposite side of the grill when you notice smoke coming from the box.

Cook the beef on low heat for a while, and then check the temperature using a meat thermometer.

2. Smoker Box Method

In the smoker box method, you need to preheat the grill first for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, because it will be easier to catch heat for smoker box pellets at a high temperature, you should heat the grill to a high temperature.

During the heating phase, prepare the wood pellet smoker box. You can either buy a smoker box made of suitable materials on the market or create one yourself. The top of the smoker box contains holes for the smoke to escape. In the smoker box, equally, distribute the pellets towards the bottom.

Then prepare your grill for indirect cooking. This typically involves turning off one or two burners on a gas grill. It would be best to put the wood pellet box on top of a burner so the flames can ignite the pellets. It will cook the food at room temperature and in the presence of smoke. The interior temperature should not exceed 250 degrees Fahrenheit (121 C).

Place your food on top of the light burners once you’ve attained the proper internal temperature. With the lid closed, you should have adequate smoke flowing from your wood pellet smoker box, and the heat should be steady.

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3. Foil Pouch Method

Foil pouches can be used in situations when you don’t have a cooking pan. You can use aluminum foil instead. The wood pellets are placed in the center of an aluminum foil sheet, then folded and poked with holes for smoke emission.

Place the aluminum foil bag on the flame once the gas grill has reached the correct temperature and you can see smoke in the box. Next, place the meat on the opposite side. During this time, keep the lid closed. Finally, you can make a new pouch bag to make additional smoke.

4. Smoker Tube Method

In this method, fill the smoker tube with pellets. Using a butane torch, ignite the designated end of the smoker tube for 1 minute. Then let it burn for 8-9 minutes. When you can see smoke coming out of the smoker tube.

Place this smoker tube on the grill in a horizontal position on the other side of your food. Make sure the burner beneath your smoker tube is turned off, and your smoker tube is positioned away from the main burner. Otherwise, your meal or pellets will catch fire and burn out quickly without producing enough smoke. 

Place your food to cook and monitor the temperature. It’s important to remember not to spark the flame underneath or near the smoker tube. If you want your smoker tube to stay cold under the smoking equipment, you need almost 40% of your grilling space.

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Can we use wood pellets on any grill?

Yes, wood pellets can be used in pellet smokers, gas grills, offset smokers, reverse flow smokers, charcoal barbecues, and electric smokers.

At a temperature of 250 degrees, the pellets will produce a smoke flavor.

What are the clear indicators of good grill smoke?

The nice smoke isn’t dense or white in appearance. But it’s clean, a touch transparent, and has a hint of blue. If the thin white smoke does not have a bitter taste, it is also acceptable.

Do wood pellets alter the flavor of your food?

Yes, wood pellets will give any BBQ food a distinct flavor. In addition, wood pellets may impart the flavor of the wood from which they are created to your favorite BBQ meals.


It is not as difficult as most people think to utilize wood pellets on a gas grill. However, if you follow the above instructions, you can create the most delectable and flavorful dishes.

You can use the smoker box method by purchasing a box from the market or using the pouch method, which requires no extra equipment other than placing the pellets in an aluminum bag.

If you are planning for a special occasion with your family and friends, this article will assist you in serving statement-making meat that you will remember for years.

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