How to Fix Pit Boss Erl Code? (Reasons & Solutions)

In this article, we will explain what Erl Code is, why it happens, and how you can fix it. There is nothing to worry about the Erl code as it’s just due to a temperature problem. We’ll learn to sort this out in our guide!

Our goal during a holiday is to calm down and relax with our family or friends. But if some sort of problem arises, the event can turn sour. Chances are you can relate to this and if our guess is right it’s a Pit Boss Erl code Issue. You’ve come to the right place if that’s the case. 

Erl code of the pit boss: What does it mean?

How to Fix Pit Boss Erl Code

So what is Erl code? Pit boss smokers and grills have a built-in temperature sensor in them. Erl code will appear when the control board cannot detect reading from the sensor. 

Pit boss grills have smart control when it comes to temperature. This means it will automatically maintain the temperature by feeding the pellets based on the temperature reading. So, in order for the grill to operate smoothly, the temperature sensor is crucial. 

What caused it?

There are many reasons why the temperature sensor is not working. However, being unclean for a long period of time is the most common reason. 

After being used for many seasons the contents like dirt and grease can be deposited on the sensor. Which makes the communication between the temperature sensor and board difficult. 

When the temperature is set on the grill the pallet is fed by the system. When the desired temperature is attained it stops feeding the wooden pallets.

However, if Something is deposited on the temperature probe the pit boss grill will not start. This can be solved by cleaning the temperature sensor.

In case you find something is broken and you have a warranty left on then it is wise to contact the company. Otherwise, you can troubleshoot the issue yourself.

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Troubleshooting the cause of Pit boss Erl code

As the Pit Boss is powered by electricity, troubleshooting can take some time. But you should not be tech-savvy to do so. There are a few reasons why Erl code appears:

  • Dirty temperature sensor
  • Lose connection cable
  • Broken control board
  • Faulty temperature sensor

Here are some processes, by which you can troubleshoot the Erl code error. Turn off the grill if it is running and make sure it cools down. Also, unplug it. 

Cleaning The Pit Boss Can Resolve ERL code

  1. First, check the temperature sensor that whether it is clean or not. During the grilling different contents can be deposited on the sensor. If there is something deposited then they might be culprits.
  1. With the help of a cloth or vacuum cleaner clean the inside of the grill, this should clean the ash and dirt. Making the solution of vinegar with a proportion of 1:1 can clean the temperature sensor. This will remove any deposit of grease and dirt which was not cleaned by vacuum.
  1. Also, sometimes if pellets are present in the hopper and rain happens it hardens the pallets. Harding of pallets blocks the hopper and jams the auger. Which feeds the pellets to the fire pot; its jamming can result in the same error. That’s why make sure to protect the grill from the rain too.
  1. Another advantage of cleaning is that the firepot gets a decent oxygen supply. Because the ash and dirt can cause blockage which means low oxygen in taking. Which makes it harder to maintain high temperatures.

Check for Faulty wires

If In case, this does not solve the issue, a faulty wire may be the cause. 

  1. Ensure the grill is unplugged, then open the control box by removing the four screws. Using this method, you should be able to see the wires and check for any damage or loss of connection.
  2. Constant heat from cooking, weather, and dirt can damage the wiring and circuit board. 

Faulty Temperature Sensor

One common thing about electronic equipment is that some components can get damaged. A temperature sensor is one of those components. Since you have made sure all wires and connections are secured. Now it is time to check the temperature sensor.

  1. Take a heat gun and place it against the temperature probe and fire it up. 
  2. if you find there are not any changes in the temperatures or there is a big difference compared to the heat gun. It may be a sign that the sensor is not working. And unfortunately, it might be time to change it unless there is a warranty.
  3. In case you still have the warranty left. It is highly recommended that contact customer support and they will send the part. We hope the above troubleshooting might have solved the issue.

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Prevention is better than cure

P Settings for Pit Boss

There are some precautions that you can take to prevent this error from happening. Although these will not entirely prevent it. But will reduce the chances of happening again. 

Regular Cleaning And Maintenance

When equipment is properly maintained, it will last significantly longer. So regular cleaning once a while or every session will not prevent the ash and grease from depositing. 

And regular maintenance will indicate any loss of connection. Even before they can cause discomfort to you.

Weather Factor

Environmental factors like rain can also damage the Pit Boss grill in a number of ways. Rust can damage the body of the grill after the rainwater. 

Since it also runs on electricity the rain can damage the electronic board and cause a short circuit. So make sure to put the grill in a place where it is protected from the rain at least. 

Also, make sure the pellets are not wet or old. During the combustion process, wet wood pellets take longer to heat up and combust. This means a longer time till the desired temperature is reached.

Additional Support

Erl code error in Pit Boss is not the only error there are also many others. But the unique thing about this one is that this one is not mentioned in most of the Pit Boss Grills and smokers, which leads to more panic. 

So what is the other way you can get the instruction about the Erl or other errors? One option is their customer support.

Pit Boss Customer Support

Pit Boss customer care can be connected 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. If you have the warranty left then make sure to contact customer support before anything. Here are their contact details.

Toll-Free Phone:1-877-303-3134
Customer Care480-923-9630 
Email[email protected]

If you are still under warranty Pit Boss can send you some replacement parts. For example, the control panel gets damaged. Although it can take some time for customer care to get back to you but is the most reliable option.

Pit Boss Form is another medium that can be ideal for finding the solution to any problem. You can search for any topic and detailed discussions on various issues. For example here is the discussion on the Pit boss Erl error.


If you can not wait, YouTube is another option to find the solution. Thousands of tutorials have been created by professionals and people. From setting up the grill to replacing its part everything is explained.

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Why is my Pit Boss showing an error?

There are numerous reasons why your Pit boss might be showing errors. Also, every error has its specific reason. For example, the Erl error can occur when the temperature sensor malfunctions. This can be solved by cleaning the sensor or fixing any lost connection.

How to clean the Pit boss Grill?

Make sure to scrape the hardened dirt and debris from the cooking chamber. With the help of a vacuum recover the ash. After that, make the solution of one part water and one part vinegar. And clean the grill with a damped cloth to remove the grease.

Is it OK to leave the grill in the rain?

In a nutshell, yes and no. Most grills and smokers can stand the rain with ease. But the one that has some kind of electronic factor to it should not be left in the rain. Because it can cause the circuit to malfunction. So make sure those grills have some kind of shade.

Final Thoughts

An inconvenience can easily ruin a family picnic. However, Erl code is not an issue worth panicking over. To make your life easier we have explained why this happens. And how to troubleshoot the issue yourself. If there is a warranty left then contacting customer care should be your priority.

Equipment with moving parts and electronic components do act up from time to time. With proper cleaning and maintenance, many issues can be avoided. After reading this article Erl might not be a problem for you. 

If another type of error appears you can also get guidance from other sources. For example, customer support, Youtube, discussion forums, etc.

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