Pit Boss P Setting: Everything You Should Know

Have you ever BBQ-ed in the dead of winter? It’s not the most ideal situation. The snow starts to melt and form puddles on your once beautiful patio, the wind whips through your clothes and numbs your skin, and once you start cooking, you realize that even though you have the grill on high, the coals aren’t hot enough to properly cook the food. This is where the “Pit Boss P setting” comes in handy.

The pit boss p setting on a pellet smoker is one of the most important settings to get right. This setting determines how hot the fire will be in the smoker, and it’s important to get it set correctly for the best results. In this blog post, we’ll explain what the pit boss p setting is and how to use it to achieve perfect results every time you smoke meats. Keep reading for more information!

P Settings for Pit Boss

How Pellet Grills Work

Pellet grills are a relatively new style of grill that has quickly gained popularity among outdoor cooks. Unlike traditional grills that use charcoal or gas, pellet grills rely on wood pellets for fuel. 

Most pellet grills operate using a simple four-step process: fuel is added to the hopper, the auger feeds pellets into the burn pot, the fire ignites, and the temperature is regulated using a controller. Let’s take a closer look at each of these components. 

  • The hopper is where you’ll add your pellets. Pellets are usually made of wood, although there are also options made of other materials like corn or bamboo. The hopper is designed to hold enough pellets for several hours of cooking, so you don’t need to worry about constantly refilling it. 
  • The auger is responsible for feeding pellets from the hopper into the burn pot. The speed of the auger can be controlled using the temperature controller (more on that later), which allows you to regulate how quickly or slowly the pellets are fed into the fire. 
  • The burn pot is where the fire actually burns. Hot air is circulated around the burn pot to help evenly distribute heat throughout the grill. 
  • Most pellet grills also come with a temperature controller, which helps you regulate the overall temperature of the grill. The controller typically has two settings: “high” and “low.” The “high” setting will maintain a temperature of around 500 degrees Fahrenheit, while the “low” setting will keep things closer to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Some controllers also have an “off” setting that completely shuts off the grill. 
  • Finally, most pellet grills also come with an ambient temperature probe. This probe helps to regulate the temperature by informing about the internal temperature. It contains a sensor that measures the internal temperature of food so that you can always have the results you desire in the first place.

Now that you understand how a pellet grill works, let’s talk about the P setting on a Pit Boss. 

What Is Pit Boss P Setting?

The Pit Boss P setting is a feature on some models of the Pit Boss Smokers that allows you to set the temperature in the smoker to a specific degree. With different p-settings, it can be useful if you are smoking different types of meats and need to control the temperature to ensure that they are cooked properly. 

The P setting stands for “pause.” When you set the temperature on your smoker to the P setting, it will remain at that temperature until you change it. This is in contrast to the other settings on the smoker, which may fluctuate slightly as the smoker heats up or cools down. The P setting is also useful if you are smoking multiple items at once and need to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the smoking process.

So next time you’re in the middle of a blizzard and have a sudden craving for ribs, don’t desperately cook them on high – use the Pit Boss P setting! Your food will thank you.

How Does The P Setting Work

Pit Boss P Setting

The P Setting, or P SET, is a manual override mechanism that can be used to adjust the frequency of the auger system. Doing this lets you precisely control the heat output set by using the temperature dial. 

This function is designed for safety so that if the temperature begins to rise too high, the P Setting will activate and shut off the grill until it has cooled down to a safe temperature. The P Setting can also be used to adjust the amount of smoke produced by the grill. 

It comes with the smoke function set to P4, but if you need more heat, you can lower the setting to P3 or P2. Or, if it’s windy outside or you live in a hot climate, you can raise the setting to P5 or P6 to produce less intense heat. 

However, even with a temperature control system, there can be fluctuations due to outside factors like wind and humidity. In these conditions, it’s important to adjust the settings on the smoker to compensate. 

Suppose you turn the grill to the lowest setting to smoke a brisket. However, because it is 30 degrees outside and a little windy, some heat is being lost through the grill. 

Lower the P Setting to P3 instead of P4, which turns the auger on for 18 seconds and off for 100 seconds instead of P4, which turns the auger on for 18 seconds and off for 115 seconds.

By making these adjustments, you can help ensure that your brisket (or other meat) turns out perfectly cooked, regardless of what Mother Nature throws at you.

Whichever setting you choose, the P Setting is a valuable tool that gives you greater control over your grill.

P SET SettingAuger is On ( Cycle )Auger is Off
P018 sec55 sec
P118 sec70 sec
P218 sec85 sec
P318 sec100 sec
P418 sec115 sec
P518 sec130 sec
P618 sec140 sec
P718 sec150 sec

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How Do I Change The P Setting In A Pit Boss Grill?

If you want to adjust the P setting on your Pit Boss grill, you’ll just need to use a pen or non-sharp object to press the button until the desired P setting is displayed on the LCD screen. It’s really that simple. there are a lot of factors that can affect how hot your grill gets (e.g., wind, ambient temperature, etc.) 

It is advised that you progress through the settings gradually because it takes time to become proficient with each one and you might not need to fiddle with the P Set in all of your cooks.

How To Use The P Setting In Smoke Mode Perfectly

When the Pit Boss pellet grill is in smoke mode, the auger mechanism is manually placed with a P Set default of four. The P4 option alternates turning the auger pellets on and off for 18 and 115 seconds, respectively. This cycle can create various effects on the finished product, from a light smoke flavor to a more spicy, more pronounced taste. 

In order to achieve a stronger smoked flavor, the meats need to be smoked for longer periods of time. However, this also runs the risk of overcooking the meat if care is not taken. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to add more smoke while maintaining an acceptable cooking temperature. 

To do this, switch the grill to smoke mode, increase the P setting so that each pellet cycle has a longer gap, keep the grill on at a low temperature, and expose the meat to additional smoke. If the grill suddenly loses temperature, increase the P setting. 

By extending the time between pellet feeding cycles, maintaining a low temperature, and making the meat rest on the grill for longer periods of time, you are essentially allowing it to absorb more smoke. Experiment with different settings and methods to find the perfect balance for your needs.

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What Does A Lower P Setting Do?

The grill will feed pellets more often when the P setting is reduced and the smoke option is selected, cooking the meat faster and exposing it to less smoke at higher temperatures.

Consider that you want to smoke a rack of ribs but do not want a large smoke ring or an overpowering flavor. To cook at a higher temperature and expose the meat to smoke for a shorter amount of time, you can set the grill to smoke mode and decrease the P setting to feed pellets more often.

As an alternative, imagine that while you are grilling a gorgeous steak, the temperature keeps rising and flare-ups are being caused by the fat in the meat.

As the grill feeds pellets more slowly at a higher P Level, the temperature will drop, and the fire will be delayed.

Trouble Shooting Tips

If you’re having trouble with your pit boss, here are some tips that might help. 

  • First, make sure that the fuel supply is adequate and that the fuel lines are not blocked. 
  • Next, check the air intake to ensure that there is enough airflow. If the problem persists, it is possible that the igniter is not working properly. Try replacing the batteries in the igniter; if that doesn’t work, you might need to replace the entire igniter. 
  • If your grill is not getting hot enough, make sure that all the burners are turned on and that they are set to the correct setting. You may also need to clean the grill grates if they are covered in grease or debris.
  • Also if food is sticking to the grill, it could be because the grates are dirty or because they are not oiled properly. To clean the grates, brush them with a wire brush or scrub them with soapy water. Be sure to oil them before your next cookout to prevent sticking. 
  • Finally, if the pit boss still isn’t working properly, you may need to consult a professional for further troubleshooting. 

By following these steps, you should be able to get your pit boss up and running again in no time.

A List Of Grills From Pit Boss That Have The P Setting

Although there are other Pit Boss models with the P setting option, here is a list of the grills that are most frequently purchased.

  • Sportsman Series – Entry-level and portable models
  • The Mahogany 440D 
  • Navigator Series
  • Models like the 700FB, 820FB, and 1000SC
  • Pit Boss Austin XL Classic

Do All Pit Boss Grills Have P Settings

While all Pit Boss grills used to have a P setting, this is no longer the case. The P setting was traditionally used to keep the grill at a consistent temperature, but newer models have other ways to achieve this goal. As a result, Pit Boss has slowly been doing away with the P setting in favor of other features. 

While some customers may miss the P setting, it is clear that Pit Boss is committed to providing the best possible grilling experience for its customers. With that in mind, be sure to check out the latest Pit Boss grills – you won’t be disappointed!


How do I make Pit Boss P Setting smoke more?

P settings on a Pit Boss have a direct impact on the amount of smoke produced by the smoker. The higher the P setting, the more smoke that will be produced. For more smoke flavor, increase the P setting to 6 or 7 and lower the temperature.

Can you cook on Smoke Setting Pit Boss?

The Pit Boss Smoke function is designed to create the perfect environment for smoking meats. In order to use it effectively, you’ll need to make sure that the grill maintains a temperature between 200°F and 225°F.

What P Setting is brisket on Pit Boss?

It’s important to get the settings right on your pellet grill when you first start using it. The P setting determines how often the auger will turn, and for the first cooking session, you should set it to 4. This will ensure that the auger turns at 18-second intervals with 115 seconds between each cycle.
Getting the P setting right is important for ensuring that your food cooks evenly and correctly. So make sure to take the time to set it properly from the beginning.

Summing Up

If you are looking to buy a smoker, the Pit Boss Pellet Grill might be a great option for you. This grill has a variety of features that make it stand out from other smokers on the market. The Pit Boss p setting is one of its most unique features. 

The pit boss p setting is a great way to change the quantity of smoke your grill produces. By understanding how to use this feature, you’ll be able to cook food more efficiently and adjust the flavor of your food by adding or removing smoke. 

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