Traeger Error Codes: What They Mean & How to Fix Them?

Traeger grills and smokers are convenient outdoor cooking options. Traeger uses wood pellets as the main source of energy to cook food. The pellets are fed into the burn chamber by an auger and then ignited. 

They offer a unique smoking experience that is difficult to replicate with other types of grills. A computer controls the temperature, turning the auger to add more pellets to the pellet smoker to keep the temperature steady.

Traeger Error Codes

However, like all products, they can sometimes experience problems. One of the most common issues people have with Traegers is error codes. What are Traeger error codes? How can you resolve them?

If you’re using a Traeger grill, then you may have come across one or more of the following error codes: LEr, HEr, ERR, ER1, and ER2. Each of these codes has a specific meaning and can be caused by different issues. In this blog post, we’ll explain what each code means and how to fix it! In this article, we are going to discuss what each Traeger error code means, and how to fix it!

Types Of Traeger Error Codes

Traeger grills are one of the most popular brands on the market, known for their quality construction and features. However, like any grill, they can occasionally have issues. There are different types of Traeger error codes that you may see when using your Traeger grill. These error codes include:

  • LER: Low-temperature error
  • HER: High-temperature error
  • ERR: Temperature sensor error
  • ER1: Traeger loose wire error
  • ER2: Short-circuiting in Traeger’s

Why Those Errors Occur

Traeger error codes are one way that your Traeger grill can communicate to you that something is wrong. While they can be frustrating, these codes can also provide valuable information about what is happening with your grill. 

There are a few different things that can cause Traeger error codes, ranging from simple issues to complex sensor problems.

  • The most common reason is due to the Traeger RTD Probe issue. This is the temperature sensor that is located in the grill. It is possible for this probe to become dislodged or damaged, which will cause an error code. 
  • Another reason why an error code may occur is due to firepot issues. The firepot is where the pellets are burned. If there is a problem with the firepot, it can cause an error code. 
  • Finally, Traeger error codes may occur if the pellets are not burning efficiently. This can be due to a variety of reasons, such as wet pellets or a dirty grill. By troubleshooting the problem and following the instructions in your Traeger manual, you should be able to clear the error code and get your grill up and running again

LER Code Fixing On Traeger Grill

LER means “low-temperature error.” This Traeger error code occurs when the temperature is inside the grill drops below 125 degrees. There are a few different things that can cause this, such as:

  • The pallet inside the fire pot is missing causing the temperature to drop. check to ensure that the pellet is in the fire pot. If it is not, add more pellets to the grill.
  • The chimney’s height is too low. The Traeger Pellet grill needs a 12-inch clearance from the top of the chimney to the bottom of the grate.
  • Windy weather may also cause LER. If it is windy, try to position the Traeger grill so that the wind does not blow directly into it.
  • Traeger suggests checking the grill’s temperature sensor and comparing it with the temperature inside the grill. If they are not reading the same, Traeger recommends replacing the temperature sensor.
  • Remove the grill gate and clean the fire pot. Sometimes, ashes and debris can build up in the fire pot and cause the temperature to drop.

HER Code Fixing On Traeger Grill

HER stands for’ High Error Reading’.When the temperature inside the grill exceeds 550°F/ 287C°from the set point, HER errors occur. when this error occurs the grill automatically shuts down. This Traeger error code can be caused by:

  • Check if your chimney is clean there might be some blockage in the chimney. Check to make sure that the chimney is clear and there are no obstructions.
  • The Traeger grill is placed too close to a wall or other obstruction. Make sure that the Traeger grill has at least 24 inches of clearance on all sides.
  • If the internal parts are not installed properly, they might be causing the grill to overheat. Traeger recommends double-checking all of the internal parts to make sure they are installed properly.
  • A working RTD probe is essential for Traeger grills to function properly. Traeger recommends checking the RTD probe and replacing it if necessary.

ERR Code Fixing On Traeger Grill

An ERR code means that there is a problem with the temperature sensor. If this error occurs it means it’s time to change something in your grill.

  • ERR codes can be frustrating, but they are usually easy to fix. The first step is to check both temperature sensors and make sure they are properly inserted into the Traeger controller.
  • Make sure that the sensor is firmly connected to the controller. The Traeger temperature sensors are located at the back of the grill. The Traeger controller is located in the front of the grill.
  • Check the RTD(Resistance Temperature Detector). Remove the two-headed screws from the back of the Traeger grill. Disconnect the temperature sensor from the controller. Reconnect the temperature sensor to the controller and turn on the Traeger grill and see if it works or not.

ER1 Code Fixing On Traeger Grill

ER1 happens because of a loose connection in the RTD probe. Traeger suggests checking the connection between the RTD probe and the Traeger controller board.

  • Traeger also recommends checking the wires for any damage. The Traeger controller is located in the front of the grill. Remove the plug from the Traeger controller. Check the wires for any damage. Replace the RTD probe if necessary. Traeger recommends checking the resistance of the RTD probe.
  • Plug the grill back into the power supply and turn the grill power switch on. If there is still an issue ER1 will be displayed on the display.
  • There might be loose sensor wires Traeger recommends checking the connection and tightening it if necessary. The sensor wiring is located at the back of the Traeger grill.

ER2 Code Fixing On Traeger Grill

  • Traeger error code ER2 occurs because of short-circuiting in Traeger’s temperature sensor.
  • If ER2 is occurring again & again during the normal operation the temperature sensor might be defective Traeger recommends replacing the temperature sensor. The Traeger temperature sensors are located at the back of the grill

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Some Common Issues With Traeger Grill

Traeger grills are standard among those who love to barbecue. Although Traeger grills are known for their durability and ease of use, there are a few common issues that can crop up. 

  • One common issue is that some inexpensive grill models don’t get hot enough. This can be because of a number of factors, including blockages in the fuel line or a problem with the igniter.
  • Another common issue is that the grill doesn’t maintain a consistent temperature on a few cheap models. This can be because of problems with the regulator or the thermometer. 
  • Lastly, some new users find that their grill produces too much smoke. This is usually caused by using too many wood pellets or not letting the grill preheat properly. 

While these common issues can be frustrating, they are usually easy to fix with a little troubleshooting.


What is the risk caused by Traeger errors?

If your Traeger grill is displaying an error code, it is important to find out what the error code means and how to fix it. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your Traeger grill or causing a fire.

How often should I check my Traeger for errors?

You should check your Traeger grill regularly for any error codes. It is especially important to check your Traeger grill before using it. This will help ensure that your Traeger grill is in good working condition and that there are no safety hazards.

What should I do if my Traeger grill is displaying an error code?

If your Traeger grill is displaying an error code, the first thing you should do is find out what the error code means. Once you know what the error code means, you can then take steps to fix the problem.

Final Verdict

Traeger grills are amazing, but even the best things can have a few hiccups. That’s why we put together this post on Traeger error codes and what they mean. So, if your grill has been acting up lately or you’re just curious about what all those blinking lights mean, read on! 

We covered the most common types of errors and their causes so you can troubleshoot them like a pro. We hope that by doing so, you’ll be able to troubleshoot your grill quickly and easily and get back to cooking up your favorite recipes.

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